Top 7 Best Toaster Ovens in 2021 with High Performance (Updated)

If you are looking for the best toaster ovens in 2021 for your kitchen, this article will give you a sort of information about it. Toaster ovens are one of the most useful appliances to help us in cooking activity. This product will help you in baking, roasting, broiling, and also toasting many kinds of food.


Tips about How to Choose a Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is such a very useful appliance you better add to your kitchen. It is because it will offer you so many various great functions which can be like toasting, baking, broiling, and so on. However, you can get all of those benefits if you know about how to choose a toaster oven. Fortunately, below are some tips you can follow when choosing the right toaster oven.

Well, here are some tips how to choose the best toaster oven especially when searching it by online, there are:

  • Know the type of toaster oven that you want

  The first thing of all, you have to know what type of toaster oven that you really want. In this case, it is so much recommended for you to choose the countertop toaster oven if you have sufficient space and want to have the more efficient appliance in the kitchen. On the other hand, you can choose the built-in oven if you only have a limited space in your cooking area.

  • Find out features it can offers

  Second, you have to check the features of the toaster oven that you will choose. In this phase, it will be very nice for you to choose a particular toaster oven that has a light inside, so you can check your cook easily without opening the oven. Then, you better choose the oven that is complemented with the touchpad control. This control panel will make the oven easier to clean because of its flat design. Furthermore, you should choose the oven that can offer you various functions, so it can help you to cook tasty food more often.




Best Toaster Ovens in 2021 with Review and Specification

Now we will review and show you the top 7 of the best toaster ovens in 2021 with affordable price. Hopefully, our review would give you the information that you need when choosing the best and suitable ovens to be placed in your kitchen.



1. Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven [BEST SELLER]

Breville BOV800XL smart oven - best toaster oven
Breville BOV800XL smart oven


The first of the best toaster ovens in this year is Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven. This product has automatic adjust heating element that ensures you to cook your foods perfectly. This product also much faster than the other products, it can cook 30% faster.

This oven can cooks cookies, bakes a pizza and roast a meat. This product is simple, you can set the time of the process and just wait until it finished.


  • 1800-watt power with 0.8-cubic-foot nonstick interior
  • This product equipped with ‘Element IQ technology’
  • 9 pre-set functions + 5 quartz heating elements
  • User-friendly control panel + LCD screen  
  • Auto-eject wire rack
  • Included with a baking pan, pizza pan, and broil rack


  • Limited warranty
  • The cord is a little short (less than 3 feet)





2. Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven [EDITOR’S CHOICE]

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven
Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven


This mini oven can do the big help in your kitchen. This versatile product is called Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven. This lovely oven is flexible and very useful. It can toast your bread perfectly, it also can cook or bake with excellent result. It has smart timer system that will remember the previous process set system.

Auto slide in the oven rack makes it safer for you to put them in and easy removal of your foods. Compact, efficient, and very affordable, this is one of the best toaster ovens in 2021 that make us put it on our list.


  • 4 Quartz 1800 Watt Elements
  • Featured with ‘Element IQ Technology’
  • Function dial with 8 pre-set cooking functions
  • 4-Slice capacity and 11″ pizza
  • Three racks capacity
  • Powder coated steel housing and Non-stick interior cavity coating


  • Less capacity
  • Not a convection oven





3. Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster oven 

Cuisinart TOB-40 custom classic
Cuisinart TOB-40 custom classic

Another product that included in the list is Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster oven. This product has 1800 use watt of energy, it will help your baking, broiling, and toasting activity in your kitchen. Cuisinart TOB40 Custom Classic Toaster oven has stainless steel skin, cool touch handle, auto slide rack, front removable tray, and easy grip dial that will satisfy you in your cooking activity.

Cuisinart TOB40 Custom Classic Toaster oven is highly recommended best toaster oven in 2015 item that you should choose for your kitchen.


  • 1800 Watts to toast, bake, bagel, and broil 
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel with rubberized easy grip dials
  • Easy-clean nonstick interior
  • The temperature and adjusts timing is consistent
  • Convenient auto slide-out rack for hands-free loading
  • Automatic shutoff safety feature


  • No Touchpad Button and LED screen
  • Small letter setting
  • Small capacity





4. Waring Pro TCO650 

Waring Pro TCO650
Waring Pro TCO650


Waring Pro TCO650 is one of the best toaster ovens in 2021. This digital convection toaster oven has 6 cubic feet capacity, it has 1500 watt energies to spend. It can hold and cook 6 slices of bread or bake 12-inch pizza. Its feature is bake, convection bake, broil, toast, roast, and pizza function.

It has stainless steel skin that easy to clean and resisting fingerprint. It also has 60 minutes digital timer with LCD display and touchpad control. Buying this product will be included an oven rack, baking pan, and crumb tray.


  • It can bake, toast, broil and make a 12-inch pizza as much as you want
  • It holds up to 6 slices of bread
  • convection oven technology for faster and evenly cooking
  • high-quality stainless steel
  • removable rack for easy cleaning


  • the size is smaller than most of the toaster ovens with similar price and features





5. Black & Decker CTO6335S 

Black & Decker CTO6335S


Next is Black & Decker CTO6335S. This item can hold and bake 12 inches of pizza, toast 6 slices of bread. It has 120 timer set and pre-set by one touch function so it won’t bother you to cancel the operation.

It has an extra large display and removable tray so it will easier to clean the interior. The oven made with stainless steel and required minimum electricity.


  • use convection fan to circulates warm air throughout the oven for faster and even baking
  • digital control with easy to use buttons
  • you can use the oven for broil, toast, bagel, bake, potatoes, pizza, frozen snacks, cookies.
  • removable tray for easy cleaning
  • max 450ºF and timer set up to 120-minute
  • 3 years warranty 


  • words on the front of the button worn off easier than expected




 6. Black & Decker TO1303SB [BEST SELLER on AMAZON]

Black & Decker TO1303SB

It can be a small oven but, there are lots of features owned by the oven that make it becomes one of the best toaster ovens. First, the oven has broil and pan breaking. The other thing is the oven has a huge place that can fill 9-inch pizza.

Besides, there is also removable crumb that will help you to remove the crumb.

The best thing in the oven is really affordable since the cost for it just less than 30 dollars. It may be a good thing for any newly-wed people that need an appliance for their kitchen.




  • EvenToast Technology for even result
  • up to 4 slices of bread at a time or a 9-inch of pizza
  • 4 functions: broiling, toasting, baking, and keeping food warm
  • timer setting up to 30-minute
  • removable Crumb Tray


  • no interior light
  • the handle become quite hot after a while

Check the upgrade version on AMAZON




 7. Black & Decker TROS1000 SpaceMaker Digital Toaster Oven

Black & Decker TROS1000, best toaster ovens 2017

The last recommendation of the best toaster ovens in this year, we got the black and decker TROS1000 SpaceMaker that offer a large array of features, even though the price of this oven is almost $100 which is around $98. It is still below $100 so it’s quite affordable to be purchased.

This oven offers LCD display feature with touch button control panel, different types of cooking methods with unique temperature changes button and also large interior for extra-large content cooking. This oven is one of the best cheap toaster ovens bellow $100.


  • easy control and installation
  • good for toast and bake, or even making a pizza
  • temp range setting: 200-400ºF


  • small interior


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That is all about the top 7 of the best toaster ovens in 2021. Hopefully, this information will help you to choose what you need and what you like. 



Honorable Mentions:

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven (31334)

Hamilton Beach 31334

The first impression we get about this oven surely is the design. It has unique design compared to the most of the best toaster ovens on the list. The features are most likely the same to the others. You can toast up to 4-slice of bread, a 12-inch of pizza or bake whatever you want. 

You can set the temp up to 450ºF with the 30 minutes max of timer setting. It’s a bit shame because you need to set the timer again if the cooking process needs more than 30 minutes. One of the most interesting parts is the Roll-Top Door which you might not find anywhere else. It’s unique and large opening, so you can take the food easily. And one more thing that really impressive is the price. You can take this one home with less than 50 dollars.


  • Roll-Top Door, make food easy to reach
  • 4-slice toast capacity or a 12-inch pizza
  • three cooking settings
  • timer with auto shutoff
  • easy to keep the oven clean (crumb tray and the roll-top door are both removable)


  • quite heavy
  • the timer can only be set to maximum 30 minutes, you need to set again if the cook requires more than 30 minutes

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5




Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP Extra Large


Want to make a larger pizza or toast more than 4 pieces of bread? This another recommendation of the best toaster ovens in 2021 might be the best option. It has an extra large size with good features and affordable price. You can bake up to 16-inch pizza, toast 6-8 slice of bread, or even cook a whole chicken in a bowl.

It uses digital controls with some functions like Broil, Toast, Bake, Pizza, and Defrost. The oven also has some standard features such as the timer with auto shutoff, removable tray, and more.  


  • extra large capacity, fit for a 16-inch pizza
  • it has 5 functions: Bake, Broil, Toast, Pizza, and Defrost
  • easy to keep the oven clean
  • temp range from 200 to 450ºF
  • up tp 90 minutes timer with auto shutoff


  • no interior light
  • the handle/door become too hot after an hour or more

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5





More Information about a Toaster Oven: 

Type of Toaster Ovens

1. Basic Toaster Ovens

Basic toaster ovens are full-sized or built-in ovens that can cook faster than conventional ovens. The reason is that most of the toaster ovens preheat faster by convert the electric energy to good and even heat. The cooking result also more consistent than the conventional one.

This kind of oven has some basic functions like bake and toast. It’s fairly easy to use, you can toast bread with just push a knob or a button. Basic toaster ovens have some other features such as a timer, wide range temperature, LCD panel, and removable tray.


2. Convection Toaster Ovens

A convection toaster oven usually has a complete package for features and functions. This kind of oven also can bake faster and gives a better result than a regular toaster oven. That’s because the ovens use a fan or two with a specific design that could circulate the heat evenly in the oven.

Convection toaster ovens are very popular right now since they offer many advantages. Some of the best toaster ovens with convection technology also offer some other functions like broil, bake, keep the food warm, and some of it can bake a large size of a pizza.

Those toaster ovens can replace your large oven or range. Those ovens have a compact design with a nice look. You can put it anywhere you want. Toaster Ovens with convection tend to be higher in price than the basic toaster ovens. But of course, you can find some of the ovens with cheap price and great reviews. One of the best toaster ovens with so many good ratings and reviews is Breville BOV800XL.



How to Care for Toaster Oven-Quick Steps

Having toaster oven means we need to know about the way of how to care for toaster oven properly. This will help the item to stay longer. Having the best toaster ovens that always clean is better than buying the new one when it damages.

The cleaning also helps us to avoid the bad damage that may exist when the cleaning is not done properly or the worst thing is never done before. We need to take care of our stuff because that is what we need to do when we have items. Below are several easy steps that help and guide us to clean the toaster oven properly.

Step by step of How to Care Your Best Toaster Ovens

At least there are four steps and more to clean and how to care for toaster oven in an easy way.

The first step we can start with is by leaving out the crumbs indie the oven and around the area. Before cleaning the area, it is highly recommended to remove or unplug the toaster oven cable first. This will avoid us for getting a shock of electricity. Then use a soft cloth to clean the crumbs. We can use soft brush carefully to clean the hard surface area. Then the next step of how to clean a toaster inside is by taking off the stuff inside the oven like the rack and the pans.

Then spray them with cleaner, washing them with proper soap and leave it dry in a safe area. Then the inside is to be cleaned up as well. The way of how to clean toaster oven glass door is by cleaning it off with a soft cloth that has been tear-stained with warm water. Then remember to clean the oven from grease area as well. Wipe it away by using soft sponge and cleaner. It is important to wipe off the grease as it can sticking on the tray and other area and maybe burn when the oven is on.

Then we have to make sure that after cleaning the tray and the toaster oven we need to leave it dries completely. Usually, it takes around 5 minutes or more to dry. We have to remember avoiding magnetic or metal object to clean the machine because it can damage the item and turns into a broken machine.

How to care for your best toaster ovens properly when we want to use it? One thing that we should remember is to not ruin the oven by leaving the inside room empty. We have to place the tray or other things like a plate that it proper for an oven and leave it there.

See another explanation of how to clean your best convection toaster ovens in this video below.




FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: What’s the difference between bake, broil, and toast setting on the toaster oven?

A: The bake and toast functions are quite same and give somewhat the same result. Some toaster ovens vary with the preset temp. However, the two functions mean that the heating unit at the top and bottom will active at the same time. The broil function means that the heat will just come from the top of the oven.


Q: What’s the difference between aluminum and enamel interior?

A: One of the notable difference between these two is the maintenance process. The enamel interior is much easier to maintain than the aluminum one. The enamel also can distribute the heat better than aluminum.


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