Bacon Fried Eggs with Capers and hot sauce for breakfast

If you love bacon, and also love egg for your breakfast, you can mix them two and make a delicious bacon recipe by looking the recipe below. The good thing is, it’s only need 5 minutes to make. So, you don’t have to worry about being late in the morning.

Five-Minute Bacon Fried Eggs with Capers & Hot Sauce

bacon fried eggs


bacon grease

fried eggs

capers, spoon or two

hot sauce (you can choose to any sauce you like)

How to Make:

Warm bacon grease in a pan.

First, crack eggs directly in heated bacon grease.

Fry the mixture of bacon and eggs.  Use spatula to break the yolks and make them faster to cook. Draw diving lines in the eggs so you can flip them when the edges start to rise.

Throw fried eggs in a bowl. Top it with capers and hot sauce.

So, that is the bacon combine with egg recipe. Hope you like it.

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