Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Grinders in 2020 Less Than $200

You are now probably reading several lists of the best coffee bean grinders to help you with daily coffee needs. Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, especially from the ground beans. Some people do prefer the packaged type, but seriously, you know that the beans are way better than the packaged option.

If you have a handy coffee machine at home, you know that having the grinder will help you. Whenever you need it, you only need to buy the beans and keep it fresh until it is ready. And when your supply is running out, you only need to grind one and voila! Your fresh warm beverage will be ready. The problem is, among the myriads of options out there, which of the coffee grinder will be the good one for your needs?



Best Coffee Bean Grinders in 2020, What Are the Options? 

 1. Baratza Burr Conical Encore Coffee Grinder
Baratza Burr Conical Encore

As you are well aware of with the burr grinder type, you are free to enjoy the flexibility and the easiness in the usage. No need to watch over the grinding process; simply press a few buttons and you are good to go. Feel free to do some multi household tasks while this machine will grind your coffee beans. You probably think that the tag price is quite high for a home-use coffee grinder (it is more than $100) but you need to remember that it is the versatility and the additional features that make this device a champion. For a starter, you can always enjoy different kinds of grinding texture, whether it is fine or coarse.

There are 40 different settings for the grinding work, allowing you to experiment with different textures. After all, it is your device, anyway. No wonder if this machine gets into the lists of the best coffee bean grinders, especially for the personal home use. With this handy machine, you can have different kinds of textures every day. Your days will never be plain or boring anymore.



 2. Krups Electric F203 Coffee and Spice Grinder [BEST SELLER]
best coffee bean grinders in 2017
Krups Electric F203

If you are looking for the best coffee grinder in 2020 for less than $30, this is definitely the perfect one for you. Wait, doesn’t cheap stuff often lead to less satisfying outcome? Well, it may be when you are dealing with other items. Despite the low price, this grinder is truly handy, compact, and flawless. It has a quite powerful motor with 200 watts. Any spice or coffee bean will be grounded quite fast and efficiently. With the ability to grind nuts, spices, beans, grains, and more, you basically have a machine with dual functionality.

Another positive point that makes it one of the best coffee bean grinders in this year is the fact that the container has enough space to accommodate 12 cups. It is not super big but it isn’t too small either; just with the right size to for the grinding with its 3 ounces of size. It comes with stainless steel blades (for effective grinding) and oval design for compact storage. Because of the fast grinding ability, the flavor remains intact and natural.



 3. Manual JavaPresse Coffee Grinder
Manual JavaPresse

It is another burr machine with a more affordable price tag. Aside from the easy setting and operation, there are also handy features that you will enjoy from this machine. What makes this device special and included in the lists of the best coffee bean grinders? It is a compact and portable grinder, allowing you to carry it along whenever you have to leave home. Just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite brew before starting your busy day.

If you want to go on hiking, outdoor activities, camping, or even business trip, feel free to bring along this compact and portable grinder. This machine is also one of the quietest grinders ever made so you are free to grind your beans anytime you want. The design is unique and classy. You don’t want to deal with old-school or ugly grinder? No need to if you have this one.



 4. DBM-8 Automatic Supreme Grind Burr Mill from Cuisinart [BEST SELLER on AMAZON]
DBM-8 Automatic Supreme Grind Burr Mill

Looking for another inexpensive grinder? This automatic grinder is included as one of the best coffee grinders because of the many handy features. It has a removable bean hopper and a specialized chamber with lid. Not to mention that it has its own grinding technique to boost the unique flavor from each bean. Everything about this machine is appealing and functional. It has its own cord storage so you won’t have to worry about keeping your machine without the annoying cord here and there. Not to mention that it also comes with automatic setting that allows automatic operation without any chamber or hopper.

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This machine has enough space for 32 cups; and it comes with different setting and also time slot. You will only need to spend 40 seconds to prepare 12 cups and it takes 55 seconds to prepare 18 cups. Of course, preparing just a small amount of beans for a serving or two won’t take you more than 20 minutes, thanks to the powerful motor. Moreover, in the event that you want to try different textures of coffee; coarse, fine, powdery, etc., you have this machine as one of the best coffee bean grinders ever made.



 5. BCG111OB Blade KitchenAid Coffee Grinder
KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade

There are some powerful and handy features that make this machine of the best coffee bean grinders. It has the so called one touch control system, allowing you to operate and stop the machine with a single push. The combination of clear cover and the stainless steel blades give you the most satisfying outcome in the grinding result. The blades will make sure that all the beans are grounded thoroughly and evenly while the clear cover gives you easiness to see the desired texture. Whether you like it coarse or fine, the clear cover will help you view the content easily.

There is also a measurement marking written on the inside wall of the grinder, informing you the levels of beans needed to make 4 cups, or 10 cups, or even the maximum 12 cups of coffee. With the stainless steel blades, 4 ounce of removable container, and heavy duty motor, this is definitely an ideal machine to own.



 6. 12 Cup Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder
12 Cup Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder

The manufacturer understands the crucial part of having your own grinder. It allows you to enjoy tastier and fresher coffee on daily basis. It has a unique and precise grinding system where you can brew whatever cups of coffee you like, from 4 cups to 12 cups. No need to worry that you are making too much or you won’t make enough coffee. It also comes with programmable and adjustable grind setting, from fine to coarse. One of the reasons why this is the best coffee bean grinders is because it has the so called cleaning system chamber maid that can clean the chamber wall easily, quickly, and effectively.



 7. Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder from Epica
Epica grinder

Want to have an inexpensive and yet the best coffee bean grinders to afford? With the combination of strong motor and 250 watts of operation, feel free to use this machine hand in hand with your coffee machine. Unlike the regular fixed-cup grinder, this one has the removable feature, leading to easy cleaning and also easy pouring of the grind. No more mess. No need to worry about spills. And have fun cleaning the container. Another thing to like about this machine is the quiet operation and the sturdy construction.



 8. Infinity 560.04 Capresso Burr Grinder
Infinity 560.04 Capresso Burr Grinder

This burr grinder may be made of plastic but it is the premium, high-grade one. It is designed as the commercial grade item, so you don’t have to worry that the flavor of your coffee will change or even affected. It won’t hurt your electricity bill as it is only 100 watts. This conical grinder has 16 different settings, allowing you to have easy grinding process.

Why is this machine included in the best coffee bean grinders lists? Well, the container can hold up 8.5 ounces of beans while the grinding container holds up 4 ounces. It also comes with the built in timer for a more effective operation while the upper burr can be removed to promote easy cleaning. Not to mention that the device is super elegant, where everything has the transparent cover. You can see the beans as well as the powder.



 9. One Touch Quiseen Electric Grinder
One Touch Quiseen Electric Grinder

The grinder is pretty effective and fast. It is compact, modern, sophisticated, and also safe. With the safety lock, this grinder is pretty safe for operation; perfect when placed next to your coffee machine. The blades are made from strong, solid, and sturdy stainless steel. This is the reason for the fast grinding result. Despite the compact dimension, this machine is able to accommodate 7 cups – not so bad, right? As one of the best coffee bean grinders, the machine has a transparent cover lid, easy to hold surface, and also easy cord storage feature.



 10. Automatic SCG-903B Electric Secura Burr Grinder
Automatic SCG-903B

If you are looking for the best coffee bean grinders with tag price less than $70, this is the one to choose. It has 17 different grinding options with auto on and off button. Whether you want to make only 2 cups or up to 12 cups, the grinding quality will be even and uniform. The natural aroma and the original flavor are the reasons why this machine should be included in your possession.

What about the machine itself? Well, it is pretty compact, removing the hassle of having to prepare enough space on the counter. The performance is super nice. If you are doubtful, give it a shot, seriously.



In the end, it comes down to you and your personal preference of which grinder to choose. All of these grinders are super handy and they are all affordable. Sure, you can easily pick one among these best coffee bean grinders lists.



Tips on How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinders

Grinding coffee beans is an important process to result in the best taste of coffee. For coffee lovers, original and fresh taste in a cup of coffee is the most valuable thing to enjoy. Therefore, having a coffee grinder is a must. Coffee grinders come in a variety of sizes, specifications, and cost. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to choose the right coffee grinders. Here are some tips to note.


Type of Grinder

Coffee grinders come in two different types: with knife and with burr. Grinder with knife is usually more affordable but wouldn’t be more practical to control the level of coffee powder refinement.


Refinement Level

Control for refinement level of coffee powder is really needed, especially for a coffee shop that has to make a lot of coffee variants. For this purpose, choose a grinder that has refinement control feature. But if you only need coffee powder to brew, a standard-featured grinder is just enough.



Is it a need to grind a number of coffee beans at once? It can be a consideration on how to choose the best coffee grinders. Choose a grinder with capacity that meets your needs in order to save time. Also, consider the power consumption if it is compatible to the electric power capability of your household.



Make sure the grinder includes the container to accommodate coffee powder. It will be more efficient if the container is included in the package than purchasing the container separately.


Auto-Off Feature

This feature is more recommended for a machine with high capacity. With this feature, just leave the grinder while it is working.


If all points on how to choose the best cheap coffee grinders, it will be easier to find the best one. The best coffee grinder will result the best quality of coffee.


How to Care Your Coffee Grinders for Better Tasting Coffee

For all of you who have your heart on a certain drink called coffee, the solutions on how to care your coffee grinders are of utmost importance. Without this knowledge, coffee lovers might as well live a doomed life for not being able to drink good or decent coffee. In that case, you can use these tips to begin with in order to clean the coffee grinder for better tasting coffee. In order to make a satisfying cup of coffee, here are several steps on cleaning coffee grinder.


Clean the Grit

If you are barista who serves any drinks with a coffee base, then you must have been familiar with this step. In this case, grit is referred to the leftover of ground coffee inside the grinder. Different from the ground coffee itself, grit has somewhat harder texture making it hard for the grinder to do the grinding. Clean the dregs from every surface of the grinder, especially on the hopper where you keep the coffee beans before grinding and the burrs. Whatever you do, just make sure to clean the grit off the surface.


Clean the grease

If you notice, coffee grinder tends to be greasy after quite some times of use. Such greasy surface is caused by the grinding process after some times and the ground coffee itself. That said, the next thing on how to care your coffee grinders is to wipe out the grease from every surface. Make sure that there is no grease left in the certain spot so as not to leave a rancid smell that can cause bad odor if not taken care of.


Keep the Burr Clean

The last step on how to care your best coffee bean grinders is to remove the burr and clean it off from every dirt and smell. Wash the burr with clean water and dry it up to avoid breakage.

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