Top 8 Best Cold Press Juicers in 2024

Enjoying juice in the morning becomes a healthy habit. For such a purpose, you need a reliable machine and excellent juice processing. The next section will explore a few products as the best cold press juicers.

Each has a reliable function to produce excellent juice with low oxidation and high nutrition.

List of the Best Cold Press Juicers of 2024

1.Secura GS-132

One of the best cold press juicers in 2024 is Secura GS-132. The device has many features to ensure you get high nutritious juice with effective yield. A manufacturer uses technology with spiral motor and low noise. This configuration is better to separate between pulp and juice.

As the result, the juice contains rich vitamins, mineral, useful enzyme, and low oxidation level. Spinning motor has the speed approximately 80 RPM and 80-decibel noise. Therefore, you will not wake up the entire home when processing juice.

The device is easy to assemble and customer will receive manual book. You can attach and detach each part then clean all of them after juicing are done. You also receive additional brush to get rid tiny residue from fruits.

When using dishwater, make sure to detached sensitive part. With those feature, this device is very affordable with price less than $100.

2. SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Juicer is better device when you want to consume fruits or others in easy way. Smoothie becomes favorite thing in the morning to replenish energy quickly. Tons of devices are available at store, and one of them is SKG Slow Juice Extractor. This is reliable juice to produce excellent juice with high efficient result.

As one of the best cold press juicers, this device has features to support everything you need. It has big size where you can put fruits without chopping firstly. The examples of such fruits are apple, pear, lemon, orange, and banana. You also receive small tube for tiny pieces, especially vegetable.

Since the size is relatively big, you can get more juice and enough for family serving. The device uses motor that can spin up to 43 RMP. Slow rotation makes juice more delicate and result becomes very smooth. Furthermore, the fruits are free from oxidation and preserve nutrition at high level.

3. Caynel Cold Press Juicer Extractor

Next product on list of the best cold press juicers is Caynel Cold Press Juicer. It is capable to produce high yield juice. You can utilize for any ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, and vegetables. It uses mouth chute with size 3 inch.

With this size, you don’t have to worry when adding big fruits without chopping. Motor configuration is in spinning mode and it’s capable to do reverse process. With this method, the juice becomes more delicate and less residue inside juicer itself.

The regular device is only useful for single ingredients. That’s not efficient if you intend to mix few fruits at single juicer. This is where Caynel becomes more reliable for mixing more fruits and vegetables.

Juicer still delivers utmost smoothie with perfect blend. It will produce less oxidation level and more nutrition. This juicer is assembling device which means you can detach part by part for cleaning. You can clean it one by one or put them inside dishwasher.

4. KOIOS Juicer

One juicer for all processing is what you get from KOIOS Juicer. This device is the top choice and the best cold press juicers for handling solid and hard ingredients. Well, you may have ginger and worry about destroying spinning motor in juicer.

That’s not issue any more when using this device. Besides, the other ingredients are reliable to turn into smoothie, such as the fruits, herbs, meat, and vegetables.

It generate up to 80% result and relatively high yield juice. You don’t waste much pulp, and the device is highly efficient. Spinning process produces less noise to prevent disturbance. The device is easy to operate and assemble.

Manufacturer produces this juicer with high quality material and technology. It has license from FDA, UL, and ETL. When purchasing it, you will receive the guideline to assemble as well as the recipe book for making the best juice in the world.

5. Rendio Juicer Machine

Rendio is one of the best cold press juicers. When purchasing this product, you get cups, pusher, juice cap, cleaning brush, masticating juicer, and user manual. Those are parts where you need to assembly one by one until it becomes a ready juicer. Pusher is located at the top where you put those fruits.

This juicer use masticating process, which means no centrifugal method. It creates more juice and preserves nutrition better, including low-level oxidation. The motor spins approximately 60 RPM that can be adjusted with low noise.

Material for this kind of best cold press juicers is aluminum that’s safer and easier to clean. After the juice is done, you can separate again those parts then use cleaning brush. It takes less than five minutes until juicer is ready to work again for the next processing.

This machine is capable to handle many things, such as leaf, herbs, fruits, vegetables, even ginger. You get the best juice at all with high nutrition level.

6. Optimum Cold Press Juicer

Many juicers are available at store and you can see that they have the same configuration and parts. This appliance usually consists of pusher, juicer motor, and cups. Some manufacturers produce juicer for small pieces fruits.

On the other side, you need the big one to put many fruits and vegetables at the same time. This is where you rely on Optimum Juicer. This product has modern and practical design to deliver low oxidation juice with ultimate nutrition.

This product still uses centrifugal processing, but updated with dual mode. You get more juice in less time than regular juicer. Moreover, everything you need for juice is easily to put from the top. There is no prior preparation like chopping, cutting, and peeling.

In fact, this juicer will handle mix ingredients and generate faster juice with the best form at all. That’s why Optimum belongs to list of the best cold press juicers.

7. AICOK Juicer Machine

The simple design with much function is what you see from AICOK Juicer. It can handle many ingredients like carrot, orange, apple, plum, herbs, celery, and more fruits or vegetables. Furthermore, the machine uses advanced technology with balance spinning technique to ensure you get the utmost result.

Moreover, the juice becomes clearer and more subtle that separate juice and pulp ultimately. Other benefits are safe material, the parts that are easy to assemble and operate, and it’s safe to clean anytime. Those are good aspects to put this product as the top list on the best cold press juicers.

8. Breville Compact Juice Extractor

You may need the fast juice from the device that’s easy to move around without much hassle. For such purpose, Breville Compact Juice Extractor is what you should have. The device looks simple with everything in one configuration. You can put fruits and vegetables at top then keep the cup at side.

This device uses utmost safety lid, especially when more ingredients are in top place. Before the lid is properly closed, the device will not work. It can generate juice faster and more delicate. The result is excellent and safe for children, including baby. With compact size, you can install it anywhere easily.

Therefore, those are the features to put Breville as one of the best cold press juicers.


From the list above, which one is the best juicer? Two categories are listed when you pick the best cold press juicers. You may choose juicer or blender with their own pros and cons. They both are capable to produce the best juice you ever taste.

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