Top 10 Best Crepe Makers in 2020 with Good Quality

Crepe is a good choice for breakfast since it is easy to make. However, you need the right utensil to prevent bad result and taste. That’s the reason to put the list of the best crepe makers as consideration in order to prevent unwanted bad shape of crepe and other related cooking. When coming into crepe maker, electric is the majority or source of cooking. 

The next section will provide ten utensils that regarded as recommended and the best crepe makers in 2020.


Best Crepe Makers 2020 in You Must Have in the Kitchen

 1. Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle by CucinaPro (1448)

Several devices are ready on market as crepe maker and you can pick one of them from Cucinapro. The product is called as Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12’’. You can pick five settings for temperature in order to create delicious crepe. Besides, the other properties are batter spreader and aluminum plate alongside rubber feet to keep it stable when it is put on the top of the countertop. Batter spreader is a part to make a thin form of crepe. Such properties are enough to put this device as one of the best crepe makers.

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 2. Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch

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What do you need in crepe maker to create delicious result? There are temperature control, batter spreader, rubber feet, sleek design, large surface, and recipe books. All of them are available in Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro. This device is reliable to use in quick time and thin form of crepe due to batter spreader. Sleek design and rubber feet enhance the portability and stability. You do not need much space to put this device in the kitchen. Morning Star crepe maker Pro is one of recommended and the best crepe makers in 2020.

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 3. Professional Crepe Maker Machine by G&M Kitchen Essentials

Compact design is necessary for crepe maker in order to save space. In addition, it is easy to handle. That’s why you choose Professional Crepe Maker Machine by G&M Kitchen essentials. This is the right device to create thin and delicate crepe. Non-stick aluminum keeps the surface out of issue when cooking. Other properties are batter spreader, spatula, and light mode for temperature control. This device will show a certain light when reaching the intended temperature. You can maintain such level until the crepe is ready. It is surely included as the best crepe makers to have in the kitchen.

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 4. NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker griddle is another device to make excellent crepe easily. It uses the electric device to reduce energy utilization and creates simple control when cooking crepe. The size is 12-inch which is very compact and portable. This device also belongs to list of the best crepe makers due to some properties. There are a non-stick plate and temperature control. Besides crepe, you can cook eggs, pancake, and bacon.

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 5. Aicok Crepe Maker Non-Stick 12”

The important part in crepe maker is batter spreader to make sure your crepe is as thin as possible. One of the best crepe makers is Aicok Crepe Maker non-stick 12-inch. Aluminum plate on the surface is a non-stick part, then you can control the temperature in several modes. One of the advantages of this device is easy to clean. You do not need to worry when the surface of the pan is dirty after cooking. Just use clean cloth or tissue to clean this area. Therefore, you can make delicious crepe using this device.

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 6. Epica Nonstick Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker

Epica Nonstick Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker is the right choice to cook thin crepe in an attractive form. The size is 12-inch that’s easy to put in any countertop alongside stability part to prevent falling. As one of the best crepe makers, this device has some advanced features, such as aluminum plate and batter spreader. The manufacturer makes sure this device is at utmost safety level because you cannot risk having an accident when cooking in a hot surface. Warranty is available to support purchasing packed for customers.

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 7. Waring Commercial WSC160X Heavy Duty Electric Crepe Maker

You may need more crepes in the morning due to a big family or having a party at evening. Buying two regular crepe makers might not a good option because it spends much money. In order to fulfill such condition, Waring Commercial WC160X is ready to serve. It has size 16-inch device which is big enough to create bigger crepe. This device also belongs to the list of the best crepe makers with excellent features, such as non-stick pan and batter spreader.

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 8. Health and Home Crepe Maker

Health and Home Crepe Maker is a suitable choice for cooking crepe and pancake. The size is 13-inch with the aluminum surface in non-stick mode. You can control the temperature in three different modes then reach the intended level. You can make crepe easily in the morning and keep it at right texture to prevent burning. Another benefit is easy to clean after cooking. You do not have to put into dishwater since tissue will handle everything. If the plate is very dirty, use a clean cloth to get rid of them.



9. Magic Mill Professional Electric Crape Maker and Griddle

One of the best crepe makers comes from Magic Mill. The device is called as magic Mill professional Electric Crepe Maker. With this device, you can apply professional recipe into implementation. Breakfast and dinner will look more delicious with perfect crepe. The size is 12-inch and non-stick surface makes it easy to reverse crepe position while cooking.

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 10. Cuisinart International Chef Crepe, Pizzelle & Pancake Plus CPP 200

When you need top-level crepe maker, Cuisinart is your choice. It is cooking utensil for professional kitchen or restaurant. Besides Crepe, you can make pancake, bacon, and Pizzelle serve as breakfast in the morning or evening dinner. This utensil has two sides to burn crepe at the top and below without reversing. Therefore, Cuisinart International Chef Crepe is what you need if the quality is your concern.

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From the list above of crepe makers, you can find many similarities. Most of them use the non-stick surface as plate or pan in order to make them easy to flip from the top to opposite position. Besides, they contain batter spreader and temperature control. When cooking crepe, the temperature plays important role in order to keep the crepe at the excellent texture. Bad choice of temperature leads to bad crepe. Therefore, you just pick one of the best and cheap crepe makers in 2020 to cook your crepe with delicate and delicious taste.

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How to Choose the Best Crepe Makers by Considering Its Features

Offering well-cooked crepe flavor in your bakery or café could be challenging. You need proper equipment such as crepe makers to be in your kitchen. How to choose the best crepe makers will be discussed further in the following. It can be done by considering the features of crepe makers.

Gas or electric?

Whether you buy gas or electric crepe maker, the choice is in your hand. Both versions of crepe makers are offered by many manufacturers that you can find in the market. Of course, each version has its own benefits. Thus, to get the right crepe makers depends on your personal preferences as well as your kitchen’s needs. Gas units will require the source of natural gas or liquid propane that makes this version might be not as portable as the electric one. Besides, gas version tends to quickly heat up. This aspect increases your kitchen’s profitability and productivity. Meanwhile, the electric type could be more efficient in terms of energy for a long run. It can also be plugged simply for portability.

Square or round frame?

The next point of how to choose the best crepe makers, you need to consider the feature of crepe maker’s frame. It has two option of either square or round frame. The functionality, as well as the performance of each option, would be the same. However, the models of the square frame might be slightly pricey than the round one, but it is easier to maintain and clean. Besides, the square frame offers the choice of compact and stylish aesthetic. It would be ideal for trailers and vans operation where the space available is quite tight and restricted.


Another advantage of this model is that it is also available in double frame to make two crepes at the same time. For the round frame, if there is no problem about the space where you get more flexibility, then you can choose this version.

Aside from those two considerations, how to choose the best crepe makers also needs other feature considerations. You should think about other aspects before buying it. These include the size, materials, branches, and also temperature range for electric version.

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