Top 5 Best Egg Cookers under $50 in 2021 with High Quality

What do you like to eat in the morning? We are sure that most people would say that eating eggs is one of their favorite for breakfast. You can make an omelet, scrambled egg with sauce or boiled eggs. However, morning has always been quite a busy time for people, including us. That is why many people intentionally skip their breakfast. If time is your problem, you simply have to look for the best egg cooker to do the job for you.

Egg Cooker is a kitchen appliance made especially for poaching or boiling eggs to consistent and perfect result. The best part is, you can boil not only just one but until 7 eggs even more. However, there are a ton of options available and perhaps you will find the difficulty when searching the best one among others.  



Top 5 Best Egg Cookers 2021 with Cheap Price

If you are interested in this small cooking appliance, let us give you our choice of the top 5 best egg cookers to choose that is priced under $50 below.

 1. Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

best egg cookers

The first of the best egg cookers in our list is Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker. You must have been wondering what we can expect from this cooker, right? What this best cooker for eggs is capable of includes making 6 hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs; individual omelets; 2 poached eggs; and scrambled eggs. To do so, this cooker has been designed with poaching tray, measuring cup, omelet tray, and 6-egg holding tray. You can simply push the “on” button to cook the eggs and it will shut off on its own when they are done. 


  • Can make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs
  • Also useful for making omelet, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs
  • one-push button
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty included with recipe book


Rating: 4.6/5




 2. KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker


How about this one then? Need to be known, this egg cooker is the one that can hold up to 7 eggs at one time. It is the one that is capable of cooking hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs as well as omelets. As for the setting, there is dual switch offered here that can be set to boil or warm the eggs. The purchase of this product will also include 2 poaching trays, measuring cup, egg piercer, and removable egg older. You get all items covered here.


  • 7 eggs capacity
  • Dual switch for keeping warm or boiling
  • Including 2 poaching trays
  • 2 years warranty



  • Doesn’t have automatic shut off


Rating: 4.4/5




 3. Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker


We have one best egg cooker with 7-egg capacity again here. This egg cooker works fine to cook soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. Of course, it also helps you cook poached eggs too. Your purchase of it will include water measuring cup, ready timer with tone and also egg piercing tool. For those looking for simple egg cooker, this one can make a good choice. Once the eggs are cooked, you can immediately take a bite of them.


  • 7 eggs capacity
  • Included with 3 eggs nonstick poaching trays
  • One-push button with timer
  • Quick and consistent result


  • The alarm sound is not too loud


Rating: 4.3/5




 4. Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Cooker

Are you looking for the one with more capacity? If so, this egg cooker can be a good choice. It is because this top cooker of eggs can cook 10 eggs at a time to hard, medium, or soft ones. This cooker also comes with 4-egg poaching tray, 3-egg omelet tray, measuring cup, piercing pin, and brushed stainless steel lid. From the setting, there are LED indicator, audible alert, and standby mode offered in it. This cooker sure is magnificent in its features.


  • Maks 10 capacity for soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs
  • Included with poaching tray and omelet tray
  • Easy cleanup and safe


  • not quite durable

Rating: 4.5/5




 5. VonShef 7-Egg Electric Cooker

The last of the best egg cookers we recommend here has a sleek design on it. It is built-in high quality and is made to offer an easy and fast operation to you. With this egg cooker, you will be able to keep your eggs fresh, soft, and nutritious while they are cooked. As for the settings, this cooker has safe automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection functions. There is also indicator light in it, showing that this egg cooker is currently working.


  • Easy to clean and wash
  • up to 7 eggs capacity
  • Automatic turn off and timer included



  • Limited warranty


Rating: 4.4/5




Why Should I Buy an Egg Cooker?

You must be wondering why should I buy an egg cooker if I could just boil those eggs with water. First, when you want to make a boiled eggs, you should prepare a hot stove, large pot, and water. The worst part is, it takes time and we have to standby to check if the eggs are nicely cooked or not.

Making boiled eggs using best egg cooker has many advantages to us. First, it gives a faster and more consistent result with many of the tools offers automatic shut off or timer to warn us when the eggs are done. Not only that, you can also make an omelet or scrambled egg with just one egg cooker. Minimum capacity is around 5, but there are many egg cookers have up to 10 cooking capacity in one time. 


With one of these best egg cookers, there will be no reason for you to skip breakfast anymore. They are the best egg cooker you can rely on to prepare simple egg dishes to fill up your energy in the morning when you don’t have that much time to do so. Although soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs, omelets, and poached eggs are simple dishes, they are enough meal you can eat in your busy time. So, you can always work energetically throughout your day.

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