Top 7 Best Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Makers 2024

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for everyone, and you can get it from a nearby shop. Unfortunately, you may do not like the flavors. Well, it is time to make your own ice cream.

The next section will explore the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers as your references.

List of the best Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Makers

1.Hamilton beach 68330N

One of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers is variant 68330N. The design is compact and simple that’s easy to put anywhere. This device has many functions beside making ice cream. You can enjoy sherbet, frozen yogurt, custard, and gelato.

You just need to sit and relax then wait until your ice cream is ready. All processes utilize the technology with easy control instruction. Even though you do not have experience in making ice cream, this device only takes minor control for its operational.

The features are easy-lock lid, 4 quarts capacity, hand wash, and ice cream processing. Lock lid is safe and secure to prevent disturbance during processing. The capacity is 4 quarts that’s enough for regular meal.

You can make ice cream with family and friends quickly and it’s always at fresh state. If this capacity is not enough, start to make it again because the ice cream will be ready only in less than 40 minutes.

You receive the manual book and recipe for guideline. After you are done for ice cream making, just separate the lid and wash using fresh water. This appliance is also safe if you intend to put it inside dishwasher.

Moreover, the recipe book is additional package for preparing ice cream and other delicious serving. It is very useful for beginner, and the recipe is flexible to expand based on your personal taste. That’s why this product in list of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers.

2. Hamilton Beach 68320

Ice cream maker is a useful device when you want to make ice cream. It shortens the steps manually then put it into automatic mode. You just put everything you want then mix them inside this appliance. For such purpose, Hamilton Beach 68320 is what you should pick if you are looking for the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers.

From the appearance, it looks simple and functional. The size is relatively small with capacity enough for self-serving. You can make ice cream anytime and anywhere. Well, its compact size makes you can put it anywhere.

Moreover, the lock lid keeps ingredients and processing in proper position. Ice cream processing is quite and will generate the equal mixing. You can add many ingredients at the same time then wait until the ice cream is ready.

For another good, you will receive the recipe book. If you do not have any idea about ice cream making, start from the common recipe. A Manual book provides guidelines on how to assemble, operate, and clean the device.

Those are the things you get from this kind of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream maker.

3. Hamilton Beach 68990

Put everything you want, and this ice cream maker will handle the rest. This is what people like regarding modern way to produce ice cream. In past time, you are required to follow the manual instruction to mix ingredients until everything is ready. That’s not issue anymore, and your top appliance for ice cream maker is Hamilton Beach 68990.

The design is simple consisting of lid, bucker, and processing tool. You can separate each then put them again together easily. Manual book will guide you on how to handle such thing.

As one of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers, this product has easy instruction. You can put all ingredients in bucket then cover it with the lid alongside waterproof cover. The latter is feature to protect water leaked from inside bucket.

The capacity is about 4 quarts, and it is enough for family. One single processing takes between 20 and 40 minutes. You can make more ice creams in short time.

Refill your ingredients and start again from beginning. Hamilton Beach always produces the best home appliances. For this product, you will get warranty as customer protection.

4. Hamilton Beach 68881Z ice cream maker

Another product on the list of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers is variant 68881Z. This is device for personal serving at home. The capacity is 1.5 quarts that’s enough for small ice cream session. Compact design makes you easy to put it anywhere. As long as you have enough ingredients, the rest of job will be this device responsibility.

The product uses high quality material with safe and secure protection. To make ice cream, just open the top lid then pour everything directly inside the bucket. After that, lock the lid then choose the type of processing you want. You can prepare more than ice cream, such as sherbet, yogurt, and gelato. Ice cream processing is approximately 20 minutes. You just relax and sit while waiting this appliance to work. After that, open the top lid again to scoop the ice cream.

Make sure to secure it again after finishing. The product is also easily to clean after the processing is done. You can clean it separately with fresh water. Get rid any leftover inside bucket, especially when the ingredients are solid and harsh. After that, put it inside dishwater for last cleaning session. You will receive recipe book and guideline on how to operate the device properly. Those are the part of features from one of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers.

5. Hamilton Beach 68321Z

Today, ice cream maker uses automatic processing. You don’t have to mix manually and do harsh work. Everything is simple and easy using Hamilton beach 68232Z. Well, the good news is about the price that’s quite affordable. You get excellent machine with small price and gain more functions. Ice cream maker is also suitable for other recipes like yogurt, milk shake, gelato, and sherbet.

This product belongs to the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers due to several factors. The design is simple, compact, more functional and practical. This appliance consists of cover, lid, and bucket alongside anti condensation feature. Vendor provides the recipe book, including manual book to operate, clean, and assembly the device. To make ice cream, just open the top lid and pour everything you want. Keep it locked then start processing. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes until you can enjoy ice cream. Cleaning is simple because the bucket is easy to separate from cover. You can clean manually then keep it dry automatically.

6. Hamilton beach 68322

One of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers is the 68322 model. It is small appliance with enough capacity for serving family and personal meal. You can make ice cream anywhere at home, even carrying this one to other place. This appliance has several parts that can be separated. You need to read manual book before assembly, including instruction on how to operate properly. Due to small capacity, vendor only puts necessary control. You do not have to worry about complex processing. This ice cream maker is enough to handle basic recipe beside ice cream.

To make the first batch, open he top lid then add few ingredients. It can process almost many things, but check the guideline first to ensure your ingredients are not too solid. Candy, sugar, milk, honey, and fruits are relatively easy to do processing. Don’t forget to chop or cut fruits into small pieces for better ice cream. Another feature is canister cover to protect from condensation. This is common issue when creating ice cream. With this appliance, that’s not a problem anymore because condensation is completely free. Those are the features and capability for the 68322 model as one of the top and best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers.

7. Hamilton Beach 68220 ice cream maker

Hamilton beach 68220 has compact capacity about 1.5 quarts. The processing stage is simple because of no stirring mode. Just put ingredients through large opening at cover. It helps to pass fruits, candy, or anything. After that, lock the lid then choose control for ice cream. It does not need rock salt anymore, and the ice cream is ready in 15 minutes. For your information, rock salt is the reason why ice cream becomes smooth and not as solid as pure ice form. It old days, this ingredient was necessary if you intend to make ice cream.

As one of the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers, the price is relatively affordable. Moreover, the purchasing package includes recipe and manual book. Read both before starting to prevent unnecessary issue. In general, the instruction is simple, and beginner can follow easily. Just separate the bucket from its cover then clean it with fresh water. Check each part again to ensure there is no residue attached inside the bucket.


From the list above, you have many options to choose ice cream maker. Hamilton Beach is prominent company that produces high quality appliances.

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The ice maker is just one of their lineups to fulfill the demand in self-serving ice cream. The list above contains the capacity from 1.5 to 4 quarts. Well, small capacity is enough for homemade ice cream that’s ready in 20 minutes.

For more serving, the big one is preferable, and you can serve many people at the same time. Those are the thing you should know related to the best Hamilton Beach ice cream makers.

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