Top 10 Best Onion Choppers in 2018 under $100

Onion is one of the ingredients in cooking. People use this one to any recipe then require cutting into small pieces in order to cook. You can use the best onion choppers to prepare onion and other vegetables in an easy and simple way. Manual cutting with a knife is not effective because onion produces vapor that can irritate your eyes. You will get tears due to the sensitivity of this favor.


Top Devices for the Best Onion Choppers 2018

 1. Vidalia Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Müeller [#1 BEST SELLER]

You can choose Vidalia Chopper Pro vegetables Chopper by Mueller to chop onion into a desirable form. As one of the best onion choppers, this device is very reliable and functional. What do you get from this device? It uses two blades in stainless steel and storage with capacity of four cups. Put onion or vegetables between blade and plate then press them until they are chopped. The result will go down into the storage at below. Moreover, this device is easy to clean and safe when it is put into the dishwater. Therefore, Vidalia Chopper is recommended to cut onion and related ingredient, even carrot.

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 2. Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer Slicer – 9-in-1

best onion choppers in 2017

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Spiralizer is what you need to cut any vegetables, including onion, into many variations. The blades are available in eight types, such as long cutter, coarse grater, mandolin slicer, etc. Each of them provides different result then cannot be changed easily. Put vegetables or fruits between the plate and the top blade. Press one side then the result will be in the storage at the box below the device. You can make potato fries with a unique design. As one of best onion choppers, the material is the top-grade, especially for the blade that’s high resistant to corrosive.

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 3. BLACK+DECKER HC306 Electric Chopper

It is time to use the electric appliance to cut vegetables, including iron to reduce the wasted energy. You do not need to press or push the lid to cut manually because the electric power will handle such task. One of good electric choppers is BLACK+DECKER HC306. As a part of the best onion choppers, it has storage with capacity 1.5 liters to store vegetables after cutting. The blades are stainless steel to cut anything without residue. 

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Moreover, it is highly resistant to corrosive. Plug this device into electricity socket then put the vegetables inside. Press start button then waits until the cutting is finished. Open storage to get what you want then the cooking process is ready to start.

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 4. ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor

Portability and compact designs are what you get from ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper. It is a manual device to cut onion, vegetables, and fruits into small pieces with less effort. Delicate vegetables just need three to five cuttings. Moreover, the device takes eight cuttings to prepare carrot into a small form. It has blade, tube, and storage at below part. Using this device is so simple and easy because you do not need to push below part, but pressing directly from top to storage. As the best onion choppers, this chopper is the right solution when you are traveling or preparing quick meal.

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 5. Freshware KT-402 2-in-1

One of the best onion choppers is Freshware KT-402 2-in-1. You just put onion or vegetables into one side then press to let the blade cut them into pieces. The storage is available with capacity 1.2 liter in order to hold onion before putting them into your cooking ware. The device uses two stainless blades to make delicate cutting. Beside onion, this device is also capable to cut cheese, vegetables, and fruits. Each of parts can be easily cleaned due to dishwater resistant feature. Therefore, Freshware KT-402 is the right choice to prevent hardship when chopping onion.

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 6. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper

You can cut the onion with knife manually, but there is the risk for side effect, which induce tears. This is the reason to use onion chopper in order to prevent the unnecessary situation. One of them is Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper.

The device has blade inside then plate to hold onion. You just press device from top slowly then onion will turn into pieces. The storage is available at below part to hold onions. Just open this part when you want to remove them recently. This is one of recommended and best onion choppers on market.

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One issue when cutting onion is its vapor that affects eyes. You will feel uncomfortable, so cutting cannot be finished on time. In order to overcome such matter, BLACK+DECKER HC150B comes as your top choice. There are many choppers for vegetables and fruits on market, but few of them are considered as the top choices. It is electric chopper, so it does not need hand process to handle slicing or cutting vegetables into small pieces. 

The blade is able to cut any vegetable from soft to hard then store at 1.5-liter box. To prevent bad mixing, oil hole keeps the vegetables from unnecessary vapor when you put more than single at once. This device is surely the right choice for the best onion choppers.

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 8. Vremi Food Chopper

One of the recommended choppers for onion is Vremi Food Chopper. It is designed in small and hand-based size design with just single hand to push garlic or onion. Using this device is simple and quick. Remove the top part then prepare the vegetable. Moreover, press it with single hand. After that, vegetables turn into small pieces that ready to cook. If you look for the best onion choppers, Vremi Food Chopper is the right choice to have. Bring this chopper anywhere where you need to cook or prepare quick meal.

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 9. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is one of electric choppers with many functions. Keep in mind that chopping ingredients into small parts is different from grinding and blending. You will get raw pieces of ingredient. This device will transform onion or any vegetables into quick result for chopping. Electric power makes everything simple and efficient in term of time and effort.

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 10. Ninja Express Chop

Cut, grind, and chop processes are the capability of Ninja Express Chop. This device is electrical chopper to handle cutting process before cooking. It is good to cut vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheese, etc. As long as the ingredients are not too hard and thick, this device is able to handle them.

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Most of cutting devices is in manual mode without electric power. Basic method is simple and you need to press or push the blade into plate. Few of them are very compact with just single hand. However, they are lack of storage. Several devices are also electrical appliance, so they are very convenient to cut many onions. Therefore, the best onion choppers are solution for preparing ingredients before cooking.

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