Top 7 Best Popcorn Makers in 2017 under $150

Popcorn is one of the favorite foods to eat while enjoying a movie or any relaxing activity. In order to get the better taste of popcorn, you need the best popcorn makers. There are many devices on market with different designs but in similar cooking method.

Before purchasing popcorn maker, it is better to consider few things. You need to consider capacity with your need. When requiring much popcorn, a big device is preferable. On contrary, personal usage is better with the small capacity. Few of devices have limited feature with only non-oil cooking. Popcorn is food with high calorie and some people have trouble to maintain calorie intake. For such reason, non-oil popper is a better choice. The next list will provide seven devices that belong to the list of the best popcorn makers in 2017.


Best Popcorn Makers in 2017

 1. Great Northern Popcorn 6010

You always need popcorn to enjoy a movie or having a business that popcorn is necessary. Both are the reasons to put Great Northern Popcorn 6010 at list of the best popcorn makers. What do you get from this device? The design is classic to remember old time when popcorn was very popular and a part of the entertainment. Today, such period can be enjoyed in present time. The specs of this product are stainless steel for food-zone and kettle, heated warming, old drawer, and tampered glass.

There are cart to hold primary popcorn maker, but you can put on tabletop with stability part. To keep energy at efficient level, it is also available in three control modes to pick the texture of popcorn, such as light, pop heater, and stirrer. How much popcorn does this device make? It takes three gallons of popcorn at single batch. From that capacity, this device is suitable for commercial use when people gather around to enjoy and relax while eating popcorn.

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 2. Presto 04821 Orville Redenbacher’s Hot Air Popper
best popcorn makers in 2017 under $100
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You can make popcorn with oil or hot air. When using oil, popcorn will contain high fat and calorie. In order to keep calorie at better level, hot air is the right choice to use. One of the best popcorn makers incorporates hot air as primary source to create popcorn and few butter as additional seasoning. Well, Presto 04821 Orville Redenbacher’s is what you need for that purpose.  It is able to make popcorn with capacity eighteen cups in less than three minutes. Such capacity is very big compared to several competitors on market. The design and size is simple, so this device is easy to bring anywhere. Another advantage is that it’s easy to clean to maintain the performance.

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 3. Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper [BEST SELLER]

Presto 04820 PopLite is the right choice to make popcorn quickly. You do not have to wait for long time because this device is able to be ready in just 2 ½ minutes. The capacity is 18 cups that’s enough to enjoy popcorn until the movie is end. This device reduces high fat and calorie because of non-oil popcorn.

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Moreover, hot air popper is more efficient than a microwave. Such features and benefits put Presto 04820 as one of the best popcorn makers. Before using it, it is much recommended to read manual instruction. This device is available with easy clean parts to save the maintenance cost.

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 4. Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Popcorn maker or popper has different design from one to another. You may find classic design with big capacity. Another design is simple popper with hot hair. One of interesting designs is stirring pan with cover. Whirley-Pop Stovetop is the device with stirring mode to keep popcorn from stick and burn during cooking. As one of the best popcorn makers, quality and capability is more than enough to fulfill your snack during movie time. In less than three minutes, popcorn will be ready with many flavors as options. To keep it at top performance, clean pan and stirring part regularly. Do not worry about sensitivity or fragile material because manufacturer uses top-grade material to make sure that it has high durability.

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 5. West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper, 6-Quart

One of the best popcorn makers is West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper. It has stirring rod for creating popcorn and large lid for bow. The capacity is 27 cups in about four minutes. This device looks like pan with glass bowl at the reversed position. During stirring, you can check popcorn level to make sure that it is at proper texture. This product has compact size and design to bring anywhere. You may enjoy popcorn with family and friends while watching favorite movie together. Besides, this device supports healthy popcorn to reduce unnecessary energy.

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 6. Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker, Red

Prepare popcorn in less time with product from Cuisinart. As you know, this manufacturer is prominent for kitchen utensils, including popcorn maker. Official name for popcorn maker is Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot air. It uses butter tray to create delicious popcorn without oil. As part of the best popcorn makers, it is suitable product to enjoy during leisure time and party with friends. The capacity is ten cups for three minutes. Power source comes from electricity with capacity of 1500 watt. You will get manual instruction for operating and maintenance. All of parts are safe to clean in dishwater. This is the right device to enjoy popcorn ultimately.



 7. Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper with Lid

Salbree introduces the device to make popcorn without much trouble. It is called Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper. This device is easy to handle without hot-pad when popcorn is ready. Moreover, you can have two choices for popcorn: oil or non-oil. When you need healthy popcorn, it is better not to put oil and popcorn is still delicious. On the other side, you can add oil before or after popcorn is ready, depends on your preference. Such flexibility puts Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper as kind of the best popcorn makers.

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Seven devices above are enough to fulfill popcorn need during leisure time or party. You can pick big capacity for business purpose to put alongside the other vending machine. Each of devices has similar basic processing, but reading instruction is recommended. Therefore, pick one product form the list of the best popcorn makers in 2017 to enjoy your popcorn ultimately.




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