Top 6 Best Quesadilla Makers (and Tortilla) Under $50 in 2018

Are you craving for some quesadillas? Yes, this meal makes a great snack to eat. That being said, people don’t always have time to even make it themselves. It would even cost money and time to buy it from restaurants. Rather than that, it would be better to look for best quesadilla makers instead. With them, you can make quesadillas in a matter of minutes. Having one should save you the trouble of preparing quesadillas yourself.


How to Choose the Best Quesadilla Maker

  1. Sort Them Out Based on the Price

First, it is important for you to concern yourself with the price of the maker. It is especially recommended for those looking for affordable quesadilla maker. So, you can start by sorting the list of quesadilla makers out based on the price you can afford to pay. This is the first point of how to choose quesadilla maker. The best one should be the kind you can afford to buy.

  1. Judge Reliability from the Features

After you are done with the price, it is only the right time for you to take a look at the features they bring. From learning the features, you will know how reliable the maker can be for you. So, at least be sure to learn about how much space you can get from it, look into whether or not it can heat the quesadilla, how long it will cook the quesadilla, and whether or not it is dishwasher safe as well.

  1. Find Out Their Additional Features

Every product must have come with extra features. Sometimes, they can be related to the use of the product itself, but they can also be something that is related in a different way. Getting additional features, like a recipe book, for example, can be a nice deal to consider. If you can get it with the price you can afford, and it has features you need in one maker, it will be the best choice you can make of all.


List of 6 Best Quesadilla Makers of 2018

Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker


The first choice you get here is the one that can bring you hot quesadilla ready within 5 minutes only. It has wide enough space to allow you cook up to 6 wedges of quesadilla at a time. Did you know? This maker also comes with locking lid design. This extra feature should make you less worry from making a mess. Not to mention, this quesadilla maker is pretty nice, coming with recipes to follow.

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Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera  [BEST SELLER]

best quesadilla makers

As the name suggests, the second choice you get here is meant to make perfectly natural and flat tortillas. There are 8 inches of cooking space, so you should be able to make big, flat tortillas. That being said, this press can also be used to make pataconera, tostones, empanadas, arepas, etc. Not to mention, it is pre-seasoned with Columbian oil from Kosher. It should make good taste for them.

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George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker

The third choice this time seems to be really promising. As one of the best quesadilla makers, this one can get you hot quesadilla in less than 5 minutes. There are as much as 10” plates in it. It also comes with 6 deep-dish pockets as well. It should be able to hold all your favorite choice of fillings. Also, there are other features, like power indicator lights and slip-resistant grip to offer to you.

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Black & Decker 8-Inch Quesadilla Maker

The fourth choice here might only have 8” nonstick plates with 6 deep-dish quesadilla pockets to offer. However, this one of the best quesadilla makers is still wide enough space to make big enough quesadilla to eat. Furthermore, since it has a nonstick coating, it will be a breeze to clean it. You don’t have to worry about the mess you might make as you cook with. Why? It is because this maker is designed with press and seal lines.

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Perfect 10-Inch Tortilla Press and Maker

The fifth choice this time is pretty amazing as well. The reason is because it can function as dough smasher, but can also be used as stovetop cooker. It saves you all the trouble of preparing quesadillas in the comfort of your home. Also, even if it is said to come with 10” surface, you can make a smaller quesadilla with it, if you prefer 6” or 8” one, for example. This can be nice, indeed.

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Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker

The last choice here is obviously the one that can get hot quesadilla ready for you. With this maker, your quesadilla should be done within 3 to 7 minutes. Moreover, this maker is designed two-position latch in it. This design is meant to let you cook either thin or thick filled quesadilla. With it, you can make the kind of quesadillas you want. Also, its surface is nonstick, so it should be easy to clean it.

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How to Make Quesadillas with the Maker

In order to make quesadillas, you will have to make tortillas first. To do that, you will need to make dough mixed from 2 cups of Maseca, 1 ¼ cups of water, and a pinch of salt. Once you have mixed all of those ingredients, you should be able to get the right dough consistency to make tortillas. Then, make small balls out of the dough for about 1 1/4” wide. You will need to use tortilla press after that.

Place a plastic sheet on the bottom plate of the press and put one dough ball on top of it. Top it again with plastic sheet and you can start pressing it down. There should be lever in the press that helps you press it firmer. Then, you should get one tortilla after all. Do this again to make some tortillas. Now, to make the quesadilla, you will need to put one tortilla on the plate of quesadilla maker.

Next, you can simply fill it with whatever ingredients you like, like cheese, meat, beans, veggies, etc. Top it with another tortilla and close the maker. Be sure to lock the lid. Now, let the maker work for you. Within some minutes, you should be able to get warm, golden quesadillas ready from it. Choose one of the best quesadilla makers above to do the good job for you. They are all worth to choose.

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