Top 7 Best Spiral Slicers in 2020 with Cheap Price

What are the best spiral slicers that would fit your needs? Well, it depends to your personal cooking style and your needs, really. As the name suggests, the spiral slicers can provide cute and attractive look of veggies and fruit cuts to your plate.

Naturally, having your meals laid just like that wouldn’t be so mouthwatering, would it? But once you add a little color (with the color combo) and then have the cuts shaped into cute shapes and looks, your plate somehow looks more interesting than ever. Choosing the right spiral slicer can be a bit tricky but once you know the strength of the device and which mechanism appeals to you the most, making a decision will be a lot easier.


Top 7 Best Spiral Slicers in 2020
1. Five Blade Brieftons Spiralizer [BEST PRODUCT]

If you take a look at this device, you will see a solid, packed, and buff device. It has its own storage compartments for the accessories. With the five blade slicing options, you can really have fun creating different fun shapes for the food. You can tell that this device is pretty sturdy and solid, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with flimsy or cheesy kind of unit.

However, the blades don’t come with the labels so you may be confused of which blade to use. Not to mention that it is a bit costly and it doesn’t really come with clear instruction. You will need a while to learn how to use the device. But in the overall retrospect, this unit is included within the best spiral slicers in 2020 because of the handy features and nice outcome.



2. Brieftons Tri Blade Spiralizer

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One thing you will love so much about this Brieftons slicer is the various different blades included within the package, as well as different slicing options. Slicing the foods and ingredients into attractive form can be made fun with this one –plus, you get to choose the different styling and models.

Looking for a way to add appeal to your place? This is one of the best spiral slicers you can have for your own comfort. This slicer can be placed on the table in the sturdiest manner with on-board different storage option. However, the suction cup is a bit so-so. Not to mention that operating this unit isn’t exactly easy as you need to use extra power. You need to be careful when using this one.



3. Tri Blade World Paderno Cuisine

This is another versatile slicer that can produce different kinds of slicing results. Not only it is versatile and handy, the construction is very solid and sturdy. It is tough and rough and durable with easy and straightforward usage. Is it safe for dishwasher? Yes, it is. The stainless steel blade will also ensure smooth and fast slicing operation.

One of the flaws, however, is the fact that you need to have a certain skill to be able to produce the long slices and strands. Not to mention that the product comes with minimum directions so you need to figure it out by yourself. Nevertheless, this is one of the best spiral slicers ever made because of the smooth operation. 




4. Life Dynamic Spiral Slicer


If you are looking for a reliable slicer without nonsense operation, this is the best spiral slicers that you can have. The design is solid and compact. The greatest thing about it is the fact that it comes with lots of additional accessories, such as recipe book, handheld slicer, storage bag, accessory kit, instructional video, and also cleaning tool.

The price is affordable and yet you can have a lot of additional goodies that will make your cooking time easier and more enjoyable. Although this unit only offers two kinds of slicing model (wide ribbon and spaghetti) and you need to chop off bigger pieces so they can fit, this device is still worth your money.



5. Handheld Native Spring

If you don’t mind the traditional and rather old-school device, this one is the option. It is affordable and easy to use to the greatest extent. It is also compatible and safe for the dishwasher as long as you use the top rack. Despite the simple design, this machine is rather difficult to clean.

Most users don’t really want to spend a lot of time for cleaning and the cleanliness factor concerns them. Not to mention that it only comes with two slicing models, so the option is a bit limited. But if you are looking for an affordable piece, this is the best spiral slicers that you can have.



6. Four Blade Mueller Spiral Ultra

This is an efficient slicer that has everything on board. Every little attachment has its own place and its own section. Not to mention that there is a special container for the slices so you will have a neat and no-mess operation with this one. This unit comes with vertical spiraling mode that somehow makes the spiraling creation easier.

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Is it easy to clean? Yes, it is – in fact, it is super easy. Can you clean it with the dishwasher? Why not? This unit is designed to be compatible with any dishwasher type. It may take an extra space on the countertop but this is the best spiral slicers 2020 that will help you create clean foods with no messy leftover.



7. Five Blade Veggiespize Spiralizer

This unit comes with different slicing options so you can really have fun creating different look and style. Not to mention that it is considered one of the best spiral slicers because of the sturdy construction and also the good safety feature. Thanks to the suction cups on each corner of the leg, this unit is stable and balance.

Whether you are slicing solid and tough or soft and mushy ingredients, this spiralizer will deliver promising outcome. The outcome can be fun! It is not really surprising to see this unit considered as one of the best spiral slicers ever designed. You may have to spend extra effort for firmer veggies or fruits but this machine will help you, for sure.



Those are some of the options of the best units to make your cooking moment more enjoyable and fun. If you are looking for the best and cheap spiral slicers in 2020, make sure to do some dedicated research so you know what to expect.


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