Top 7 Best Upright Freezers under $300 in 2021

It would be nice to have cold drinks ready whenever we want. However, something like this can happen only if you have a fridge at home. Not all people need a big and tall fridge, though.

Sometimes, we might simply need a small one. If that is the case with you, we have 7 best upright freezers in 2021 for you to take into account. Let’s see here below.


Best Upright Freezers of 2021

 1. Danby DCF038A2WDB White Chest Freezer
Danby DCF038A2WDB

Spacious Enough Interior Capacity

Of course, interior capacity is something that really matters when choosing upright freezer. You can be happy for you will get just the right capacity in a compact fridge. This chest freezer here offers you 3.8 cubic feet of interior capacity. It should be enough space to freeze many drinks, ice creams, or just anything you want it to be cold ready.

Energy Efficient Design of Freezer

Power is important for just any machine. However, it won’t be that preferable if it has bad energy consumption. To avoid such issue, this one of the best upright freezers has been made with foam insulated cabinet and lid. This freezer design is what will do the job to make this freezer to be energy efficient. This way, the power will be used effectively well.




 2. Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star Upright Freezer


best upright freezers
Whynter CUF-110B

Perfect Size for Just Everywhere

We would say that this chest freezer is pretty nice in its size. Why, of course, it is because it has the right size for it to fit in any space you have at home. Its product dimensions are 18.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 18.8 inches. It is ideal dimensions for any small space in the kitchen, office, garage, basement, and even your own room.

Properly Close and Lock Things In

It won’t be nice to have a chest freezer that can’t be closed properly. It will only make the cold escape outside and don’t freeze your drinks well instead. You don’t have to worry for this freezer is not at all like that. Why? It is because there are cylinder lock and two keys designed for it. With these, you will be able to properly close and lock your drinks in.




 3. EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer
EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator

Full Range Temperature Control

What’s so good coming from this chest freezer would be its temperature control, of course. Do you know why? It is because the temperature control of this freezer covers full range. The entire unit of it is capable of holding most temperature, right from 0 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can simply turn the thermostat to pick the temperature.

Best-Looking Compact Design

You might never bother the look of the freezer that much. However, you should bother yourself with it if you choose this chest freezer here. Did you know? This freezer has been designed very well with true stainless steel doors, black trim, and black cabinet. All of these things have made this freezer to have the most modern look on it. You will like it.




 4. Magic Chef MCUF3S2 3.0 Cu. ft. Upright Freezer
Magic Chef MCUF3S2

Handy Reversible Door to Offer

When it comes to the design, as one of the best upright freezers, this freezer offers a handy feature in its door. This handy feature is about it having a reversible door. With this design feature, you will be able to open the freezer to the left or the right. You don’t always get this feature in any fridge. So, it must be helpful to you if you own this freezer.

Space-Saving Freezer Door Handles

There is one more thing you can be sure to note about this freezer when it comes to its design. It is about its door handles. What’s so great about them is that they are the recessed type. They are not designed to be front mounted like house door handles. This design can be beneficial for you since it saves you a lot of space while having it at home.




5. Avanti VFR14PS-IS 1.4 Cu. ft. Dual Function Freezer
Avanti VFR14PS-IS

Wider Capacity in Compact Body

People look for chest freezer because they are compact in their design. That being said, they still prefer to get wider interior capacity from it. You don’t have to worry for this chest freezer has been designed to offer you as much as 1.4 cubic feet of interior capacity. There are others that are even smaller than that. So, it is a nice deal to get.

Readily Convertible Function

As you know, we are talking about chest freezer here. However, being freezer is not the only thing this product is capable of. Need to be known, this freezer actually has the double function. It can be convertible ready for the function you need from it. Besides being a freezer, you can actually use it like a normal fridge. It is convenient to get, indeed.




6. Midea WHS-52FB1 Reversible Door Upright Freezer
Midea WHS-52FB1

More Advanced Coil Technology

The next of the best upright freezers of 2021 is from Midea. If there is something that this freezer is good at, we would say that it would be about it being engineered with more advanced coil technology. With the existence of this technology, it becomes possible for this freezer to reliably keep your foods and ice frozen rock solid. You don’t even need to experience thawing and refreezing them.

Wonderfully Quiet When Working

We are sure that you might already experience for having a machine that works noisily at home. Rest assured! This freezer is not at all like that. It can be so because the freezer has been engineered with a whisper-quiet compressor. With that, you will not be disturbed by noisy machine anymore. It is what makes it wonderful coming from this freezer.




 7. Sunpentown UF-150SS 1.1 Cu. ft. Freezer
Sunpentown UF-150SS

Perfect to Be Placed on Countertop

One of the reasons people favor this best upright freezer in 20 is because of its compact design. As chest freezer, it might have been compact, to begin with. However, it actually has the right size for easy placement. It is 1.1 cubic feet with its dimensions being 18.5 inches x 17.8 inches x 19.5 inches. With such size, countertop placement would just be perfect for it.

Removable Wire Shelf in Its Interior

The interior of this one of the best upright freezers does not consist of empty, spacious space only. You will still get one wire shelf from it. You might only get one, considering its compact nature. However, it is removable kind. So, you can take it in and out however you want to use the space inside. This freezer is truly one of the best upright freezers worth to choose.




How to Choose the Best Upright Freezers for the Most Crucial Factors

You may be torn between choosing the upright or the chest freezers. Naturally, each of them has their own strength and flaws. However, some homeowners think that the upright types are better. Do you know how to choose the best upright freezers? There are some factors to consider. Don’t forget that you should also have a deeper insight to your personal lifestyle and use so you can choose the right one.

  1. Blackout Recovery

You want to choose a freezer that can make the food stay frozen for at least 24 hours, even without the power. This is mostly handy during blackout or power off. Look for this feature from an upright freezer so you won’t have to worry about any power off period, especially if such a blackout often happens in your area.

  1. Size and Dimension

Don’t forget that freezers have their own standard sizes and dimensions. The smallest one ranges from around 5 cubic feet to 9 cubic feet whereas the biggest ones are usually 18 cubic feet. Do you have the space to place the freezer? How about the access to the power outlet? Is it close enough or do you have to use an extension cord? Such a thing can really affect the layout of the cord and cable. Remember, your kitchen is one of the busiest places at home. You don’t want to add the complication.

  1. Energy Usage

Most homeowners are thinking about this energy efficient feature when buying a freezer. Although it would be nice to have a freezer with energy efficient rating, it doesn’t hurt to know how to place it correctly. Besides the knowledge of how to choose the best upright freezers, you also need to place the freezer in a cool place so the machine won’t overheat.

Don’t forget that you also need to consider the temperature consistency so everything will remain fresh, frozen, and cold. Hopefully, the knowledge on how to choose the best upright freezers can help you to make a careful and wise decision of which device to use. 



Important Steps on How to Care Your Upright Freezers

A freezer is an important appliance that has to be clean and hygienic all the time. Actually, freezer gets smelly easily but it is often ignored. When you realized that you need to clean it, it has been too dirty. If you care about your health, you’d better start to clean it regularly. There are some important steps on how to care your upright freezers properly. Follow the steps below and to keep it clean, hygienic, and durable. Before you go to the steps, prepare several materials and ingredients needed such as sponge, towel, vinegar, water, baking soda, and used toothbrush.

  • Empty your upright freezer

It is impossible to clean a full freezer. So, evacuate all foods, beverages, and everything inside while selecting which one you should eliminate. If you’ve got fishes, meat, poultries, and that sort of things, it is important to take the ices from the freezer for keeping them outside for a while. Make sure you evacuate even the smallest things in the freezer.

  • Remove built-up frost

Some freezers are not equipped with the anti-frost system. If your freezer experiences it, don’t miss the second step on how to care your upright freezers. The second step is open the freezer door and turns it off to let the frost melting. It usually takes one hour to allow all frost removed.

  • Clean the freezer

Start cleaning the freezer by removing vegetable, potato, and food flakes using your hands. Put on gloves before doing this step. Rub the freezer surface with vinegar that has been diluted with warm water. Then, rub it with a sponge. Make sure there is no more stains and odor.

Finally, you need to use baking soda solution to prevent it from odor. Rub the solution to the entire surface. This is the last step on how to care your best upright freezers.

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