Cosmo C51EIX Stainless Steel Electric Wall Oven Review

Cosmo C51EIX stainless steel electric wall oven is one of the most innovative Cosmo electric wall oven developed by Cosmo. Cosmo itself has been known as a famous developer that has been releasing many innovative and also useful kitchen utilities and the oven is one of them.

As a famous developer that solely focusing on kitchen utensil, of course, we can expect great things come from this product. In this article, we will be describing some of the features featured by this electric oven by Cosmo with some of the details to give you better references about this oven.


Cosmo C51EIX Stainless Steel Electric Wall Oven Review and Features

Cosmo C51EIX Stainless Steel
Cosmo C51EIX Stainless Steel



Style and Design

Interior is one of the most interesting features provided by this Cosmo electric wall oven. Why is that? It is because this oven has a large interior that can hold many foods in one place. This is a great feature as it can help you in cooking large food at once. To make it even better, the large interior is supported with heavy duty oven rack features.

The oven rack is offer three level of the rack which can be used to bake or cook different food once at a time. It will make cooking much faster and also efficient, for examples you can bake the pizza in level 1 and bake cake in level 2 and vice versa, pretty interesting right.

This best Cosmo wall oven which is dubbed Cosmo C51EIX Stainless Steel Electric Wall Oven also offers a hidden bake interior. So, what is the meaning of these features? To be honest, it is just an additional compartment for baking your cake so this means more space for cooking. This tiny detail is maybe not important for some people, however, tin terms of functionality it is one of the most innovative one that this oven can offer. Well, who would think about secret compartment to bake cake other than this oven right?


Glass Touch Control

For comfort purpose, this oven also offers us a glass touch controls mode. The glass touch control will allow us to adjust all of the details of the oven system in a touch. Additionally, the architecture of the touch control is very easy to understand; even a beginner can easily comprehend all of the mechanism need.

It is a really simple feature that often being overlooked by other ovens which sometimes makes people has difficulties in operating the oven. This feature, of course, one of the interesting and simple features provided by this best Cosmo wall oven giving it an edge over the other oven.



Finally, as a true convection oven that inspired from many European ovens out there, this oven is the perfect choice for you who loves to make European style food. However, it does not mean that this oven cannot be used for other types of food because it is very useful and suitable to cook other kinds of food other than European cuisine.

With all of the features previously mentioned in this Cosmo electric wall oven review, I can tell that this oven is worth to buy, especially if you are looking for a cheaper single wall oven with the same quality as the others. The C51EIX is priced for under $1000.



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