Cuisinart CSO-300 vs Breville BOV800XL Review

Both Cuisinart CSO-30 vs Breville BOV800XL are a convection oven with similar features, but as always, these products have their own pros and cons from user’s point of view. Their features are including customized bake with steam and broil with steam settings plus all the standard functions of a traditional countertop toaster oven, extra large food container, dough proofing technology, and also LCD digital display with controller console. 

Those features will be those products’ highlight to compete in electronic household market. These products are also becoming a new standard of modern convection oven for the future. 

So, in this post, we try to find out which is the best convection oven between them. First, we compare both the oven with comparison table below.


Cuisinart CSO-300 vs Breville BOV800XL pros, cons, and comparison



Cuisinart CSO-300 vs Breville BOV800XL Review
Cuisinart vs Breville


Cuisinart CSO-300 and Breville BOV800XL have similar features like customized bake with steam and broil with steam that allows you to bake and broil food with steam energy. They both also have an extra large food container that capable of cooking up to 5 lb in weight, like a whole chicken or 12 inchs pizza.

These products also capable of cooking food 40 percent faster than conventional ovens that would take longer to cook. These products also give you up to two hours of uninterrupted steam
 for fat-free cooking with maximum moisture retention. In general, the comparison result of their features is the same.


The Pros

The pros of these products are mainly related to its food space. Both of Cuisinart CSO-300 vs Breville BOV800XL have an extra large food container that allows the users to cook more food or cook bigger food like a whole chicken or 12 inch pizza. Their difference of pros is mainly regarding to the heating and cleaning factors. 

The Cuisinart heating component is working perfectly well and delivers an even heat for the food so it will be evenly well done while the Breville has received many complaints about being uneven heater. For hygiene factor, the Breville is superior for its easy to clean than the Cuisinart product.


The Cons

The cons of these products differ one another. One of Cuisinart’s con is this product was actually hard to clean. Some users complained about the grease of the food being cooked there also got into some part that actually very hard to clean without disassembling it. One particular type of food that caused that trouble is fish and meat. The same problem goes for Breville smart oven. 

The problem doesn’t involve the grease, but the scent of the fish will last for at least several days even after proper cleaning. This problem between Cuisinart CSO-300 and Breville BOV800XL will make the user reluctant to buy them if they are not fixed immediately.


The next cons from Breville are regarding its performance. It’s actually produced some noise and sparks while working. It is also not too versatile because there are reports that complained about malfunctions in digital console after just a month. The cooking process also suddenly malfunctioning because it will take longer time for cooking, especially salmon that requires the twice normal time. 

Many people who have this problem actually bought their previous oven instead of buying a new one of these products. If they are not fixed immediately, Cuisinart CSO-300 vs Breville BOV800XL will be replaced by their previous reliable brand.





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