GE JT5000SFSS Electric Single Wall Oven [Price, Review and Specification]

In many of the electric oven that we talking about the best electric wall oven that are quite reliable with numerous useful features is maybe the GE JT5000 SFSS electric single wall oven. This electric oven offers us many kinds of beneficial features that will make sure that even our daily life cooking will be much easier than ever.

This oven was developed by GE, a company which has many products and focused in industrial and technology development.

The features that are provided by this oven will then be explained even further in details on the next paragraph. For you who are interested about this oven can read the next paragraph to gain some insight on what this oven can do for you.


GE JT5000SFSS Electric Single Wall Oven Features

GE JT5000SFSS best Electric Single Wall Oven

Weight152 pounds
Size/Dimension32 x 35 x 33 inches
ColorStainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel
Free ShippingYes
Warranty10 years
Amazon Rating4.7/5

*Price (The price may change frequently due to special sales, market, and demand.  On the table $ = less than $1000, $$= $1000 to $1500, $$$= $1500 to $2000, and $$$$= above $2000)



Mechanical Control System

One Feature on the GE JT5000 SFSS electric single wall oven that makes it worthy to be called as one of the best electric wall ovens is maybe the 5 functions mechanical control system. This system allows you to adjust all of the oven capabilities in more precise manner.

Additionally, the cooking control is also supported with clock features so you can make sure how long you want to bake, cook or broil the food you want to cook. This is one of the most interesting features that often being overlooked by many famous oven developer which has become a huge plus for this oven.


Safe for Family

Other good features included in this oven which makes this oven worthy to be called as the best electric single wall oven is the touch glass door. Yes, you hear that right the glass door on the oven offer you a clear and perfect view on the interior of the oven allowing you to keep in touch with the food condition.

Additionally, the glass door is made from triple glazed cool touch material that will make sure the condition on the outside will feel normal without having influenced by the heat that comes from the convection oven which is perfectly safe for family.


Electric Timer

In addition to the glass door material, this oven also offers an electric timer features. The electric timer mode, just as the name implies allow you to set the oven on and off automatically according to the time you want. The timer itself offer us automatic mode and a semi-auto mode where we need to deactivated the oven yourself where the oven only give us a warning or where the oven completely do everything by itself. As it is a fully automatic feature with different adjustment this feature is perfect for any people who have busy life and makes this oven a competent competitor as the best electric wall oven this year.



Last but not least, the handle and almost all of the materials used to make this oven is made from pure stainless steel which offer many benefits from easy to clean material, perfect heating material as stainless steel is a good conductor that will make sure all of the heating is evenly distributed through the food we cook using this oven.


Summary and Price

Finally, with all of the features and also unique design his oven has to offer, we can conclude that this oven to be one of the best electric wall oven of the year even though it has a quite large price which is around 1600 dollars.




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