Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor Reviews, Specifications, and Prices

A budget friendly food processor, the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup makes another ideal choice for home use. This time, the Hamilton Beach Food processor review lets you learn the basics and most preeminent features of this food processor.

The review uncovers the dicing, slicing and chopping performance of this machine. Will it be as great as its competitor? Or, is it even better? Let’s see it by yourself.

There are actually three series or models of the Hamilton beach 10-Cup Processor, which are 70760, 70730, and the last one is model 70670. Those three have minor differents in features and quality. All of them have a 10-cup capacity, dishwasher safe parts, and 1-year warranty.

Some of the most obvious differents are the design and its operating system. Not to mention about the price that only has about $5 difference.


Specification – Similarities and Differences

To get more clear looks, here is the table or chart to show you the similarities and differences of those three in an easy way.

 Hamilton Beach 10-cup Food Processor 70760
Hamilton Beach 10-cup Food Processor 707630 [BEST SELLER]

Hamilton Beach 10-cup Food Processor 70670
Weight6 lbs6.2 Pounds7 Pounds
Size/Dimension8.4 x 11.4 x 12.8 inches8.43 x 10.25 x 15.47 inches 7.84 x 9.72 x 15.12 inches
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel/PlasticStainless Steel
ControlsToggle ButtonDial KnobDial Knob
Speed Options1 Speed plus Pulse2 Speed plus Pulse2 Speed plus Pulse
Bowl Scraper FeatureNoYesNo
Internal Cord StorageNoNoYes
Additional Features -Dishwasher safe parts
-Lightweight food processor
-one year limited warranty
-Dishwasher safe parts
-Lightweight food processor
-one year limited warranty
-Dishwasher safe parts
-Lightweight food processor
-one year limited warranty
Amazon Rating4.44.54.4



Hamilton Beach Food Processor Review

hamilton beach processors


The performance is mostly determined by those three things, power, control, and speed. As for this unit, it is powerful enough to be used for common tasks. In other words, it is a unit built for average use. In other words, it is not designed to handle constant and heavy duty use or other tough jobs. This is the reason why it makes a perfect choice for home use.



In 70730 and 70670 unit, there are two-speed models available where it can be an advantage. The first speed is low speed while the second speed is higher speed. Higher speed is intended to handle rougher substances like nuts that require higher speed to make sure the result is satisfying. Meanwhile, the slow speed is usually used to handle soft substances or ingredients.

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According to Hamilton Beach Food processor review, this unit comes with précised controls especially when it comes to stopping the job while it is progressing. Thanks to the user-friendly model that it allows you to enjoy easier control.


Capacity and Size

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Review

Basically, this unit has similar weight and dimensions based on this Hamilton Beach Food processor review. Between these two features, height is more important feature to consider especially if you own overhanging cabinets because you have to make sure your countertop has enough clearance. In this, the tallest model is 70730 Bowl Scraper although it is only an inch higher than two other models.

Meanwhile, the weight is not an issue because it is still manageable including when you need to move it here and there. Some models come with external cord storage while the 70670 Chef Prep has the internal cord storage. But this cord storage is not a big deal so it doesn’t make difference whether you get external or internal cord storage.


Color and Type
source: thehealthykitchenshop .com
source: thehealthykitchenshop .com

Somehow, according to customers’ testimonies in this Hamilton Beach Food processor review, color makes another consideration although it is not a big issue. This time, the manufacturer offers three different colors, which is white, stainless steel and black.


Chopping Performance

Overall, the chopping performance of this food processor is surprisingly good. Thanks to S Blade, this unit is capable to give a great result when chopping almonds or other nuts. When it comes to chopping other ingredients like fruits, meats, vegetables and also cheeses, it works well as long as you do not overload work bowl and follow the instructions. This way, you can enjoy more control over the chopped foods’ size. It is recommended to process smaller amounts rather than maximum amount to fill the bowl. Meanwhile, this unit also comes with liquid-tight lid seal for better performance.


Slicing Performance

Apparently, as this Hamilton Beach Food processor review has confirmed, this unit doesn’t score the highest for slicing performance. This is because it has considerably small feed chute. This way, it takes more time to cut and the process the food. And, there is also another issue with too much space between lid and disc. It causes the good to get caught on the disc’ top so it won’t get grated or sliced. However, this is an issue that you can handle by making sure to cut into small pieces before processing.


What’s the Price of This Food Processor?

After all, considering its affordable price at around $30 -$50, this unit has all the basic things you need from Food Processor. Good design, cheap price and lots of features. 

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