Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX – One of the Best Single Wall Ovens

If you are looking for the best single wall oven then it will be wise for you to search for the latest product by Smeg which is called Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX 24 Speed Wall Oven. This new oven by smeg offers many kinds of features that made it one of the best product ever created by Smeg. In this article, we will be introducing to you some of the most interesting features and full specifications of this oven.

Therefore, to satisfy your curiosity about what kinds of features and benefits that this oven can provide let us describe the features one by one in a more detailed manners.

Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX 24 Speed Wall Oven Feature Review

Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX-best single wall oven

Brand NameSmeg
Weight80 pounds
Size/Dimension23 inches x 27 inches x 30 inches
Colorstainless steel
Materialstainless steel
Free Shipping Yes

*Price (The price may change frequently due to special sales, market, and demand.  On the table $ = less than $1000, $$= $1000 to $1500, $$$= $1500 to $2000, and $$$$= above $2000)



What makes the Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX 24 Speed Wall Oven is considered to be the one of the best single wall ovens is because of the capacity. When usual oven can only offer a minimal capacity of cooking, this oven offers a whopping 1, 2 Cu. Ft. capacity in general.

Therefore, more cooking can be done using this oven. For you who want to make a large size pizza and even cake can easily fit the oven due to the large interior capacity. In addition to the large size, this oven also offers several supporting features that will be described further in the next paragraph.

The Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX 24 Speed Wall Oven has 10 different cooking modes. The cooking modes itself ranges from different types of the cooking mechanism such as broiling, toasting, and even pizza style oven cooking mode. This way, you can adjust the mode to fit with the food you want to cook. Want to make a toast bread? this oven can provide it to you. Want to make a pizza? well you can count on this oven, making this as one of the best Smeg wall ovens to date

Additionally, this oven also comes with LED display and digital system. This allows you to operate the oven easily without having to do everything manually. With just a push of a button, you can easily adjust everything.

This single wall oven needs a 1000 watts electricity power usage. The huge watts use is needed for its microwave features which mean better and more complex cooking mechanism available for this oven.

Even though it needs a rather large electricity power, it does not mean that it is entirely energy consuming because with this large consumption you will be granted a better and faster cooking process due to the convection heating that allow for even heating resulting in a faster cooking and heating process. Therefore, people with busy activity will find this feature useful.



Finally, to make things better, this oven has a quite good price for its features. The price ranges from $1600 to $1700. However, this price usually also comes with a warranty. With all of the features included we can safely conclude that this Smeg Classic Design SU45MCX 24 Speed Wall Oven is truly one worthy to be called as the best single wall oven by Smeg in this year.



Comparable Product

Frigidaire FGEW3065PB Single wall Oven

Frigidaire FGEW3065PB Single wall Oven

This Single wall Oven has a lot of great features and one of the best single wall ovens to date this year. The features itself is quite numerous and useful.

Frigidaire FGEW3065PB Single wall Oven offer you a new feature called ‘Steam cleaning’ which allow the oven to clean itself through a proper and unique mechanism called steam cleaning. This feature used a large amount of steam to make the interior of the oven clean due to the steaming, a pretty neat feature for an oven to be sure.

In addition to the steam cleaning feature, there is quick preheating system feature. Many oven usually suffers from low and longtime preheat which is quite annoying as it will take our precious time. However, when using this oven you will not suffer from that problem anymore. Just light up the oven and wait for a couple of minutes and then your oven are ready to be used with perfect heat you always want to do. 

There is also a ‘Delay start’ mode. This mode allows the oven to automatically delay the operation and let you take care of other things or maybe emergency things you need to do. 

It has a large capacity interior for the oven that allow you to cook more food. The capacity of the interior itself is approximately 4, 6 cu ft. large which is quite large for an oven.



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