The Best way cooking chicken in the oven

There are many ways of cooking chicken in the oven, and almost all of them give us a sense of unique and distinct taste on its own. However, if people are asking what is the best way to cook chicken while using the oven, then we will say to roast it. Nothing can beat a juicy chicken meat on your tongue that has been properly cooked on the oven on a precise heat. The stylish and delicacy of the roast chicken is one of a kinds and masterpiece where humanity has found.

Due to this reason, we will give you some tips and trick about how to cook chicken in the oven using the roasting technique so you will have the most delicious chicken meal you ever tasted.


Tips and recipe to cooking chicken in the oven

Step 1

First of all, if you want to cook a chicken in the oven, it is best to place the chicken on the fridge for 30 minutes before it is placed into the oven. After you placed it while you are waiting for 30 minutes, you can try to preheat the oven for 475°Fahrenheit or 240°Celcius. After that try to clean the vegetable such as garlic and other and then break them into a bulb shaped form.

After washing the vegetable put all of the vegetable and garlic into the roasting tray which then added with some olive oil. After that, do not forget to put the chicken that are has been under the fridge and use olive oil to drizzle it.


Step 2

The next step in cooking chicken in the oven is to rub the chicken with salt and also pepper for additional taste and seasoning, it is important because without it the taste will not really good.

Then use lemon into the chicken evenly. This can be done easily by using the oven or microwave as it will pop out and give a sweet inducing flavor of the lemon itself.

Then put the lemon on the chicken and some seasoning herb for the next step. This way you are ready to cook the chicken.


Step 3

After you have done the previous step the next thing to do is to cooking chicken in the oven. Yes, now goes to the most important part in this tips and recipe.

Use a roast tray to put the chicken into the oven. Adjust the heat of the oven to 400°Fahrenheit or around 200°Celcius. Wait for it to be cooked for around 1 and half an hour.

When the time is almost 40 minutes before the oven is complete try to roast the vegetable and potato. So you can get both chicken and vegetable.


Final Step

Finally, after it has been done, all you need to do is to splash some water to the chicken to reduce the burn of the chicken. Prepare the chicken in an open environment for about 15 minutes and then cover it with a tinfoil layer for the finishing touch.

Wait and then serve the chicken with roast potato and vegetable. The juicy roasted chicken is what you get from cooking chicken in the oven using some of the tips we give you, enjoy it with a glass of wine.



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