Top 5 Best Soda Makers under $100 of 2021

Rather than drinking alcoholic drinks, it is better to crave for sparking beverages instead. This kind of beverages is what is commonly known as soda. Soda is actually sweet, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink. To make healthy one of it, you can simply rely on the work of the best soda makers.

We have 5 top options for you to choose here. They are the ones that are featured well to prepare fast, tasty, and healthy soda to drink. Let’s see 5 of them here.


List 5 of Best Soda Makers of 2021 to Pick:

 1. SodaStream Genesis Home


The first soda maker here is designed to transform ordinary tap water into great-tasting soda. For that, this maker will only need 30 seconds to get things done. This top soda maker also offers you more than 60 regular soda mix varieties. You can get the taste you want with no aspartame. Each bottle of soda mix you make with this soda maker can make up to 12 liters of soda (around 33 cans).


  • Transform ordinary water into soda or sparkling water in less than 30 seconds
  • Up to 12 liters of soda (33 cans)
  • Requires no electricity
  • Free Shipping
  • Good rating on


  • No warranty (limited warranty)



 2. SodaStream Fountain Jet (BEST SELLER)


The second soda marker here is pretty similar with the first one above. That being said, they are still two different products. Need to be known, this maker is actually the number one best seller in soda makers. While the features are similar with the first maker above, the design of this one is more compact and firmer.

Also, you get free 60-liter carbonator at more than 15000 locations. It is a nice feature to get from this healthy and cheap soda maker.


  • Less than 30 seconds to make the soda
  • Requires no electricity, no clean up, and no batteries
  • Light to handle and easy to use


  • Plastic material 



 3. SodaSparkle Home Soda Maker

best soda makers

The third best and cheap soda maker in this time is smaller and more compact in its design. It makes a perfect choice for those looking for portable soda maker to accompany you anywhere. As one of the best soda makers, this maker offers you CO2 chargers that are fully recyclable and disposable. Sparkling water is not the only thing you can get from it.

You will also get natural healthy soda flavors from it. Truly, this soda maker is just great for just any parties, picnics, or outdoor dining.


  • Beverage grade and Compact Design
  • Hand wash
  • 1-liter capacity


  • Not really last long if used frequently



 4. Soda Stream Source Home

The fourth soda maker here has quite mighty look on it, ensuring its reliability to us. Of course, it is not reliable on its look only. It works great too. With this maker, you will be able to make sparkling water in less than 30 seconds. As expected from the best home soda maker, you can even get over 60 different flavor varieties from it. It does not need electricity, battery, or clean up, making all the more convenient for us to make soda daily.



 5. DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker

The fifth soda maker on the list is a pretty amazing one to choose. It is because this best maker of soda is said to be the only carbonation beverage maker that can let us carbonate just anything in it. Whether it is apple cider, lemonade, tea, wine, flat beer, or cocktails, you can make soda out of them. This soda maker also features patented detachable Fizz Infuser and two release buttons. They will help you better control of the release of CO2.

This soda maker also features patented detachable Fizz Infuser and two release buttons. They will help you better control of the release of CO2. The price for this product is around $100



Those are the 5 soda makers that we have listed as the top options people can pick. Some might be similar to the other. However, they still carry something different to offer. That being said, every each of them actually makes a perfect choice for you since we value them as the best soda makers to choose. They have the right features people need to make soda as fast and easy as possible. Of course, they do offer healthy results for us as well.


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