SUPER Top 12 Best Chocolate Fountains of 2022

Aren’t you curious about the best chocolate fountains in 2022 that can be used to spark up parties and events? When people come to a party, they expect fun and entertainment, and having a chocolate fountain is definitely one of them! Being able to dip the biscuits or strawberries into the warm chocolate is super tasty and fun. Such an activity is liked not only by kids, but also by adults.

In most cases, people prefer hiring a catering service that may provide the chocolate fountain but here is an idea: if you like throwing out your own personalized party, it would be great to have the fountain.

Whether it is a small gathering, a personal birthday party, or a small get-together event, having the chocolate fountain will improve the mood of the party, for good.



Best Chocolate Fountains Various Options and Picks


On the contrary to what people believe, there are actually tons and tons of different chocolate fountains out there. Some are coming with big sizes, while some are pretty small and compact. Some may be coming with stainless steel finish while some have the combination of metal and plastic. Some may be worth more than hundreds of dollars, while some can be purchased with less than $100.

Choosing the right device can be headache because it is too overwhelming. That’s why there is the lists of the best chocolate fountains that may come in various sizes, methods of operations, and also prices.


 1.Sagra 16” Soiree Home Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain

Sagra 16” Soiree Home Stainless Steel

One of the best chocolate fountains ever produced is this device, with compact dimension and inexpensive price. The chocolate fountain itself is pretty elegant, thanks to the stainless steel construction. The tier isn’t tall, only 16 inches, which makes it perfect for small gathering and intimate event.

Because of the small design, it isn’t difficult to find a perfect spot for this machine. Be sure that it would be so easy to carry this fountain around as it is also lightweight. Despite the lightweight feature, this machine has a very nice control. It is able to accommodate up to four oz of chocolate with easy switch.

Melting chocolate will be super easy, but it is advisable that you ‘test’ the machine first before using so you know which temperature setting will be the best for the operation.

Control is super easy and managing it is a no brainer. However, this machine is only enough to accommodate limited numbers of guests, less than 20 people. Think about using or buying bigger machine when you have to entertain lots of guests.


2. CO-Z Large Chocolate Fondue Fountain 27′ 5-Tier All Stainless Steel

CO-Z Large Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Another quality product is this chocolate fountain from CO-Z but this one is pretty big, so it is perfect for bigger events and parties. There are some good reasons why this device is considered one of the best chocolate fountains. First of all, the design is neat and classic, with elegant construction. Thanks to the stainless steel cover, the machine will be perfect for any room theme or party décor.

The machine itself is pretty big, able to accommodate at least eight oz of chocolate, and eleven oz max. Such a size is enough to satisfy a lot of crowd. Because of the big capacity, this machine is able to perform non-stop for twelve hours, so it is pretty impressive. The combination of solid heating element, heated basin, and curved platform is great to entertain the guests.


Another thing to like about this machine is the water resistant feature to prevent any messy operation. Will it be easy to assemble and install the parts? Oh, definitely. Most of the users were surprised to find out that assemble the parts is super easy without any complication.

Not to mention that the fountain is also easily removed. Expect simple cleaning and maintenance from this machine. No wonder if it is considered the best chocolate fountains ever made available for the market.


3. Sweet Fountains 22″ Entertainer Home Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain

Sweet Fountains 22″ Entertainer Home

Want to make sure that all of the guests are entertained with the continuous flows of chocolate? This would be the perfect device to do so! With the elegant design and the big capacity of chocolate stream, this is a device that will be the center of attention.

With the capacity of at least 2.5 oz of chocolate, everyone will be gathering around this device to get more tasty treats. It is easy to assemble so installation would be no problem.

The parts can also be removed easily for easy cleaning. And guess what? It is also dishwasher compatible which means that you can choose between having a manual wash or the one with the washer. It’s pretty flexible, don’t you think?


4. Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Wilton

chocolate pro

Another inexpensive line of the best chocolate fountains, this one will deliver great satisfaction to the user. The machine is pretty small which means that it is only perfect for small gatherings and intimate events. Some users claim that they use it for romantic nights with their partners – another great use for the machine.

However, because of the small design, it can be pretty tough to access the chocolate from different angles. If there are more than 4 people wanting to use the machine, they will have to get in line. Some of the parts are plastic although they are pretty durable.

Make sure to use the machine as instructed or the chocolate will be lumpy and not smooth. For the overall result, however, this machine is quite tough and it is able to last for quite a long time with proper care and handle.


5. Four Tier Nostalgia Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia CFF986

As one of the best chocolate fountains machine, it will keep the chocolate flowing and glistening to entertain the coming guests. Using the machine is pretty simple as it only needs to preheat around 10 minutes before the chocolate is added. It is able to hold up around two oz of chocolate, at least, and it is such a pure entertainment to see the liquid chocolate coming again and again.

Thanks to the stainless steel bowl, the chocolate will remain liquid for as long as the machine is turned on. The tiers are easily removed and assemble, along with the easy cleaning and washing.


6. 16 Inch Sephra Home Fondue Fountain

Sephra Home Fondue Fountain

The stainless steel bowl will make sure that the melted chocolate will stay in its liquid state as long as it is heated. Unlike other machines, this one is noiseless, so it is very convenient for small private parties and gathering.

The features are nice, including the easy temperature control and the parts that are dishwasher compatible. Not to mention that it comes with its own fondue plastic skewers. No wonder if it gets into the best chocolate fountains list!


7. Table Size J-Jati Fountain

J-Jati Table Size Fountain

This is a super compact and small fondue fountain, perfect for intimate event or small gathering. There are 3 different options for operation, including heated liquid, flowing, and poured liquid.

The table size dimension is handy enough for portability and mobility although it won’t be enough when the numbers of guests are more than 10 people. Is it one of the best chocolate fountains ever created? Definitely a yes!


8. Giantex Chocolate Fountain

Giantex 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

According to previous users, this machine is pretty versatile for different kinds of dips, including barbecue sauce, liquid cheese, and chocolate streams.

As one of the best chocolate fountains on the list, the machine is able to run for 2 days (48 hours) within one operation cycle. As you can guess, this is the commercial grade of chocolate fountain, usually owned by catering services, cafes, and restaurants.

Thanks to the tier construction, people should be able to access the sauce from different angles, so it is a pretty handy machine.


9. 3 Tier Chef’s Star Fountain

3 Tier Chef’s Star Fountain

This machine comes with nice tier arrangement that will produce cascading effect when turned on. It is such a pleasant sight to see. The tower and base are made from stainless steel, so there is nothing lousy or cheesy about the construction.

Whether it is for personal or formal use, be sure that this device won’t disappoint. As one of the best chocolate fountains in the market, it has easy operation and also great portability. Taking care of the device won’t be a problem.


10. Premium VonShef Chocolate Fountain

Premium VonShef Chocolate Fountain

It is an inexpensive product that can deliver great enjoyment for any occasions and events. The construction alone is pretty catchy, and the chocolate cascade is smooth and glistening.

Setting up the device will be easy, and so is removing the parts. It has separate motor setting and also heating control, which means that the chocolate will remain warm even when not being used. It should be included within everyone’s best chocolate fountains wish-list


12. Mickey Mouse Disney Fountain

Mickey Mouse Disney Fountain

Not only this machine comes with unique Mickey Mouse design, it is also able to accommodate quite a large number of chocolate, around 24 pounds.

The 40 watts motor ensures continuous flow of tasty liquid, although the options only include heating option. Birthday parties or a time together with the kids will be great with this machine around!



Those are some of the options often considered as the best pieces. Make sure to do a thorough research and careful sorting process to find the matching and perfect machine. 

After all, you don’t want to regret your spending when buying the best chocolate fountains within this list, do you?




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