Top 7 Best Personal Blenders with Cheap Price in 2024

Having a blender in your house is necessary. When you love making some juices or milkshakes, you will really need this device. Of course, there are many brands to find, and it will not be hard to get the blender.

When you come to the store, there are already various options. Well, it can be quite confusing when you have no references for the good blenders.

In this condition, it can be better when you have a recommendation for the best personal blenders this year. This can be a good way to get the best blender without wasting your time.

Recommendations of the Best and Cheap Personal Blenders in 2024

Choosing a blender is not an easy task. You will have many things to be considered. Its blade, its power, price, capacity, and other aspects should be your concerns.

Of course, it will take time when you have to make all of these considerations. It can be easier when you already have some recommended products, so later you can narrow the option and get the best choice.

For the references, these are the blenders for you.

Magic Bullet Blender

If you need a single cup of juice, this can be a good choice for a blender. This is suitable for those who want to get exactly a glass of juice. When you buy this blender, you can get some options for cups and other attachments, so you already get all things you need.

When you have variations of juice or smoothie, you will have nothing to worry about, since you get the recipe book with quite a variety of drinks to serve. It is already included when you buy the blender. With all of these things, surely this device is one of the best personal blenders.

Bella Rocket Extra PRO Power Blender

If you need to have a powerful blender, this is one of the best personal blenders you can get. All foods, starting from fruits to nuts, can be blended well with its powerful engine and sharp blades. It gives 700-watt of power, so it can give enough speed to crush and blend the foods.

This is not only great for power but when you buy the product, you can also get very complete sets. You get the options of blades, starting from the flat blades to the cross blades. Then, you have the cups, lids, and other sets. Each of them has a different function, and these are surely enough to accommodate your needs in using the blender.

Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)

This is also a great blender with nice motor power and it has a simple yet interesting design. It will make sure all vegetables and fruits are cut and blended smoothly.

This is the best choice for juice and smoothies. Of course, ice can be crushed excellently. You will never see the hard chunks or pieces of the ice anymore once it is done.

It uses 900 watts. You can also get some options of cups. All of them are BPA free, so it is totally safe, and you do not need to worry about any chemical issues when you use the cups every day.

In case you need some references for making smoothies or other menus to serve with the blender, you get the recipe book in the package with 75-recipes you can try.

It will give the inspirations to have the great juices and other drinks served in your day. So you do not need to doubt its status as one of the best smoothie personal blenders.

Cuisinart CPB-300

best personal blenders this year

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The next recommendation of the best personal blenders comes from Cuisinart. One of the interesting points about the blender is the appearance that shows elegant feels. When your home appliances in the kitchen have stainless steel material or stainless theme, it will surely blend well with the decoration.

It does not give colorful parts, but all have the same theme of stainless steel finishes, even some parts are not fully made of the material.

It is not only about the design, but it also has something more to offer. You can get some options of cups in different volumes. Then, you have two different blades for cutting and crushing. The cup comes with a hole on the top, so it is easy when you need to add water, milk, and other additions during the blending process.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

This is the next option of the best personal blenders. It is recommended since it has good quality at affordable prices. Therefore, you will get a good product even when you have a limited budget.

Of course, you still get good performance from the blender, and you will not regret choosing this one.

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In terms of color, you will get some options to choose. A colorful design will give a good choice when you want to decorate the kitchen. It will surely blend well with the other appliances when you also have some colors.

The size is actually quite small, so it does not need great power for cutting and crushing the fruits and vegetables. Moreover, this blender is already BPA free, so it is fully safe even if you use it every day.


best personal blenders in 2020 2021

This blender has a nice and unique design, and it is one of the reasons that make it included in the list of the best small personal blenders. Its cup is like a mug. Moreover, it is very suitable for you who love doing sports and want to taste the fresh juice or smoothie.

It comes with a one-touch operation. It is very handy and easy to use. Regarding the cups, you can have some options. You may also pick a certain color if you really need something suitable for your kitchen appearance.

PopBabies Blender

best small personal blenders

The last option of the best small personal blenders is great for travel. This blender can use batteries, and it is rechargeable. It is very great when you need to have a portable blender that helps whenever you need to make juices.

It can be charge easily since it comes with a USB cable. You will need around 4 hours to charge the battery fully. It even has an ice tray, so you can keep the ices when you are outside.

These are some great blenders to choose from the list above. Each of them has different specifications. Some others are suitable for traveling, while the rest comes with a powerful engine to crush and chop the fruits or ices perfectly.

By having the best small or large personal blenders, you will not get confused anymore when you want something fresh to drink. 

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