Top 7 Cheap Ice Cream Makers under $100

Ice cream is popular dessert and you can find it in many countries around the world. Based on historical evidence, ice cream was introduced in Italy but already existed since Ancient Greece. In past time, people collected ice from winter to made ice cream. Well nowadays, you can rely on cheap ice cream makers to create the delicious ice cream at home.

List of Cheap Ice Cream Makers of 2024
 1. Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart (White) [BEST SELLER]

It is one of the best ice cream makers with cheap price. It has freezer bowl as the main section to make ice cream. The specs of this device are mixing paddle, easy-lock lid, base, rubber feet, and cord storage. This device also has temperature control to make sure the freezer bowl is at 0 degrees before making ice cream.

This device is also slightly transparent to give easy eyesight during processing ice cream. Base part is important to rotate ice cream or any material with its motor system. Moreover, the rubber feet are located at below section to keep it stable and balance when this device is running. Basically, everything you need to make simple and easy ice cream is available on Cuisinart ICE-21.

 2. Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

cheap ice cream makers in 2017 under $100

Ice cream has many variations from simple recipe to complex ingredients. If you want to make healthy ice cream at home, Yonanas Dessert Maker is the right device to have. It is also one of cheap ice cream makers with simple and easy way to use. The design is compact and sleek to provide delicious food in just quick time. It has chute and plunger as main parts. You can turn into smoothie then add into a bowl. Frozen fruits are also allowed to transform into delicate ice cream. Therefore, it is suitable device to prepare healthy food from fruits for family, especially kids. They will love it definitely.

 3. Hamilton Beach 68330N 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker

You can choose ice cream to be a delicious dessert. One of recommended and cheap ice cream makers is Hamilton Beach 68330N. Full capacity of this device is 4-Quart that’s more than enough to make family dessert for any meal session. This device has the compact size and slightly bigger, but functional. Automatic process makes everything easy with just putting ingredients inside this device. You can make ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, and gelato with Hamilton beach 69339N. Moreover, you also get manual book as guideline to operate as well as recipe book to create delicate and tasty ice cream.

 4. Nostalgia ICMP400WD 4-Quart Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

If you want homemade ice cream, Nostalgia ICMP400WD is the right choice to buy. It is electric device to make ice cream. As of one cheap ice cream makers, the price is affordable. The specs of this device are handler, plastic bucket, cord, and electric motor. Plastic bucket keeps the device more lightweight than the competitors do. Its handler is located at the top, so you can easily carry this device to any place. The important part is electric motor to process all ingredients into single ice cream. You do not need to use hand or manual effort to create ice cream since Nostalgia ICMP400WD will handle everything. The capacity is 4 quart that’s enough to enjoy gamily dessert time together.

 5. Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Maker

Another device as a part of cheap ice cream makers is Cuisinart ICE-70. What do you get from this device? It has LCD display for control panel, measuring cup, timer, and auto shutoff. The display can show setting to control the speed. There are three options, so pick one of them to make certain texture. The measurement cup keeps ingredients at the right proportion before you put them into this device. The capacity is 2 quart that’s enough for personal ice cream maker. From those specs, you can tell that it is suitable icemaker. Well, Cuisinart is prominent manufacturer in this industry and you will get the top products with high quality.

 6. Cuisinart ICE-21R Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Ice cream has different form from one country to other. It depends on many aspects, such as ingredient, proportion, texture, taste, size, form, and machine. You may see ice cream that’s available at street vendors. Such ice cream is special, but the recipe is not hard thing to obtain. Today, you can make tasty ice cream using Cuisinart ICE-21R. This device is versatile to any dessert such as yogurt and sorbet.

The capacity is 1.5 quart that’s enough for personal and family dessert. This device uses freezer bowl and electric motor to transform ingredients into ice cream. It has rubber feet, missing paddle, and cord storage. Rubber feet keep everything under balance position, especially in high-speed motor on base. Therefore, you will enjoy ultimate taste from this device. For your information, Cuisinart ICE-21R also belongs to the list of cheap ice cream makers.

 7. Kitchenaid KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker

Well, the price comes side by side with quality. You may think a cheap device is not eligible to do advanced thing. On contrary, functional is more important when choosing ice cream maker. You need the top necessary thing to make delicious ice cream. In this case, Kitchenaid KICA0WH is the right choice to buy. It is one of the cheap ice cream makers with excellent specs.

It is able to create ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet. As mentioned before, it takes simple device to make gelato and you only need the most necessary thing. The answer is the device from Kitchenaid. The other properties are freezer bowl, mixer, easy-lock lid, and dasher. You can wash and clean this thing easily after making ice cream. It is recommended device to have at home.

Seven devices above have similar functions, but they are slight different. Some of them are bigger with capacity more than 2 quart. You can choose few of them with smaller capacity. Moreover, the cheap price does not reduce the capability to make a delicious and delicate ice cream. As you know, there are more than ice cream to make, such as gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

They also come in handy for frozen smoothie in the morning or just dessert at night. Therefore, every device on the list of cheap ice cream makers above has the top quality and specs.

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