Cuisinart TOB-135W White Toaster Oven Review

For those who are looking for smart and capable toaster oven, they can start to get Cuisinart TOB-135W for them. This white toaster oven is produced by Cuisinart which is known as one of the companies that produces lots of high-quality cooking appliances with lots of features.

For TOB-135W, there are many features that are available for the oven. With this oven, your cooking activity will be more exciting than before. There are some features that are owned by the oven. Here are some features about the oven and some advantages that you can get by using it.


Features of Cuisinart TOB-135W white toaster oven

Cuisinart TOB-135 Toaster Oven

Weight 14 pounds
Size/Dimension 17.5 inches x 14.0 inches x 9.5 inches
Color White
Material Stainless steel
Free Shipping Yes
Warranty 3 years (limited)
Amazon Rating 4.4/5
Price $$$

*Price (The price may change frequently due to special sales, market, and demand.  On the table $ = less than $100, $$= $100 to $150, $$$= $150 to $200, and $$$$= above $200)


The first feature that is available for TOB-135W white toaster oven is about its spacious space inside the oven. It has 0.6 cubics for food capacity or it is good enough for 6 slices of bread or even 12 inches of pizza inside the oven. Hence, there will be no difficulties while putting any foods inside the oven. The other thing that you should know is, there are two racks that are placed inside the oven so, you’re able to cook two kinds of foods that are placed inside the oven.

For cooking, there are 9 kinds of cooking options available in this white toaster oven. With the variation of cooking choices that are available, it will be really helpful for you to choose any options based on what you want. Besides, the oven also has an LED buttons and electronic dial to help your cooking to be easier than before. A display placed on the oven will be really helpful you to know about several things that you should know such as cooking time, heat, and other things related with it.


Cuisinart TOB-135W white toaster oven
Cuisinart TOB-135W


The other thing that you should know about this white toaster oven is, the oven is designed as an easy-to-clean oven. Therefore, you won’t spend a long time just to clean the oven especially, the rack which becomes classic problem faced by any moms nowadays. You can easily clean it and your problem is done.

Besides, some people may face some difficulties while trying to get the crumb. In this case, there is slide-out try for the crumb. It becomes really easy for anyone to removes the crumb of bread so, there is no need to be afraid if you try to remove all the crumbs because, there is slide-out crumb that can help you to make the oven becomes clear just in a few minutes.

  • Spacious capacity
  • 9 cooking functions with digital controls and LED buttons
  • Equipped with a convection fan for faster and more evenly cooking
  • Easy-clean nonstick interior
  • 800 Watts power
  • Stainless Steel
  • Exact Heat Sensor
  • BPA Free
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • No oven light
  • Door design (too close with the lowered part of the oven)



Since there are many features that are available, this oven can be categorized as a smart oven that will help your cooking activity will be much easier and exciting. Therefore, you may include the oven inside the list of appliances that you should get for your kitchen later.

The oven is cost for $199.99 and it is considered as affordable price since, you can own it just for under 200. With lots of advantages that you can get, there is no need to think twice if you are going to buy this white toaster oven for your needs.


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