How to Cook Potatoes in a Microwave with Perfect Shape

Besides women, men also like to cook. Cooking potatoes are one of the easiest attempts to start making the own food. It is because potatoes are the source of carbohydrates.

Since it is the best carbohydrate source, so many people consume it on a daily basis or for diet program.

Do you know that cooking potato has its own art? It is important since arranging our food in perfect shapes will increase the appetite. There is a method about how to cook potatoes in microwave.


How to Cook Potatoes in Microwave

potatoes in microwave

Step 1 : Only pick the good potatoes

This is the first and the most important step of the making. If you do not pick the good ones, then you won’t achieve the desired look. Choosing good potatoes can be done by checking if there are cuts or any suspicious stains.

Keep in mind that potatoes are from soil, so please differentiate between proper stain and the suspicious one. And the last, don’t choose the wrinkled ones since it may be an indication of mishandling.

For a making, pick two potatoes and you are good to go following the next step of how to cook potatoes in microwave.


Step 2 : Peel the potatoes

Peel the potatoes into big dices or into two big cuts. Before that, prepare a bowl of warm water and add two teaspoons of salt. Then, place your potatoes into the bowl.


Step 3 : Parboil the Potatoes (optional)

It is recommended if you boil the potatoes briefly the night before. Place them in a big bowl added five spoons of water, close the bowl (make sure that it is written microwave safe), then cook it in a microwave for approximately seven minutes.

After that, drain it before you leave it overnight in the bowl of salted water. Well, you can get the well-cooked potatoes at the end.


Step 4 : Smoothen the potatoes

One way to get crispy potatoes is by piercing them with a fork. Moreover, the heat from the cooking process will move easily.


Step 5 : Add olive oil

Add extra virgin olive oil to a glass Pyrex or other microwave safe bowl. Extra virgin olive oil is a kind of olive oil that obtained from the very first squeeze of olives. It is necessary to be done, so the potatoes won’t stick to the Pyrex or bowl.

Furthermore, this is a healthy ingredient that won’t harm the goodness of the potatoes.


Step 6 : Put them in microwave

Place the Pyrex or bowl in a microwave. Set the temperature on 250ºC and timer for 30 minutes. In case it gets burned and ruin this process as you want the golden yummy potatoes, watch your cooking every 10 minutes.

Cooking with a microwave is recommended because it is so simple, even a kid can do it. Furthermore, the process on how to cook potatoes in microwave is faster and consumes less power than with the other ordinary ovens.


Step 7 : Give your potatoes some final touch

This is the final step of how to cook potatoes in microwave. Perfect your tasty and well-shaped potatoes by adding salt, black pepper, and sliced oregano leaves.


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