Tips for Using Convection Ovens

People use convection ovens because there are so much benefits and features that we can use for cooking. As you probably know, it will improve the quality of your cooking and also it take less time in process. The dish you made will turn crispier and browner than if you use a conventional oven.

There are some things you should know when using this kind of oven. In this article, we are going to talk about 10 tips to make your oven last longer and optimize the taste of the foods and also the time. 



Tips on Using Convection Ovens

Oster TSSTTVSK01 Convection Oven


1. Preheat your oven

Preheating process is required in most ovens, including the convection ovens. This preheating will make sure that the heat is distributed evenly on the oven before you start baking. Using the oven prematurely will only make the food does not get even heating.


 2. Do not baste the food

When you use conventional oven, you often need to baste the food. However, you do not have to do the same process when using convection oven. The essential juices in your food will be locked by the blower mechanism. Convection oven will give you properly seared result.


 3. Use the broiler pan

Broiler pan is often included in the package of convection ovens. It is highly recommended to use this broiler pan. The design of this broiler pan is used to prevent excessive smoking. The broiler pan of your convection oven works well when you bake food with low fat.


 4. Use European model

Conventional ovens are produced in hundreds of different model. It is advisable to choose for the European model. This model includes fans in bottom and side of the ovens. It will make sure that the heat will be distributed evenly inside the oven.


 5. Be caution when cooking meat

Convection oven can be used to roast meat as well. When doing so, you need to keep in mind that the oven works faster than conventional oven. Let the meat rest for a while before you cut it.


 6. Use low sides pan

You might wonder why you need pan with low sides for it. Pan with low sides is able to help the hot air to circulate inside the convection oven evenly. In terms of baking cookies, this pan will prevent it from overbrowning. The natural sugar contained in your cookies will not burn as well.


 7. Use low temperature

When baking with convection oven, make sure that you set it about 35 degrees Fahrenheit lower than you should when using conventional oven. You also need to check what you bake 5 to 10 minutes earlier as well. Convection oven bakes faster than conventional oven.


 8. Bake certain foods with it


In order to make your convection oven in prime condition, you need to understand what you can bake with it. Scones, bread, biscuit, and pizza are highly recommended. You can also roast foods with it as well.


 9. Do not bake these foods

You also need to know what you should not bake in the convection oven as well. Variety of breads that involves quick baking process is not recommended, except the oven has a toast function. Do not bake wet muffin, sandwich, cupcake, and other type of cakes that require quick baking process.

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 10. Add water

When you are baking artisan breads, it is recommended to include hot water in the oven. Use pan to contain this water. The hot water will provide additional steam to the baking process. In turns, it will make the breads crispier. You will get bread with crackly crust with this tip.


As you probably notice, convection ovens are manufactured in countless brands. Despite the brands differences, the models always have something in common. The construction of those models includes fans. The fans are used to spread the heat evenly inside the oven.


The tips mentioned above will help you to optimize this fan and make delicious meal for your family.

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