Top 5 Best Slow Cookers under $100 in 2022 (with Review)

Have you ever found yourself in the need of cooking food very slowly? If you do cook in the kitchen, you must have ever needed something like that. You don’t have to use a stove and watch it till the food is well cooked.

Rather than wasting so much time waiting like that, it is better if you use a slow cooker instead. You can set the command, time, and temperature. It is what gets things done fast and easy. Let us tell you 5 best slow cookers here.


List of 5 Best Slow Cookers to Consider in 2022

 1. Cuisinart MSC-600 3 in 1


The one that comes as your first choice here is the versatile slow cooker. With this cooker, you can slow cook, brown/sauté, or steam foods. Three things can be done in one appliance. You can expect no less from this cooker for slow cooking.

This product also features large, backlit LCD display. You can read the time and temperature easily there. Other than that, this cooker also comes with a removable aluminum cooking pot, glass lid, and steaming rack.


  • Digital menu and one touch mode
  • Removable 6-quart nonstick aluminum cooking pot
  • Easy clean up
  • 3 years warranty
  • High rating on


  • A little bit pricy





 2. Crock Pot Cook n Carry


The next slow cooker this time is notable in its size. With the size of 6-quart stoneware, this cooker can allow you to cook up to 6-pound roast. It should be enough to serve seven or more people.

Well, even if it is called slow cooker, this product can still be set with high, low, or warm settings. Because of that, this cooker makes a good choice for making chilies, stews, sauces, and many more. Also, there is secure fit lid that will seal your foods safely in it.


  • Best seller product
  • Cheap price (less than 100 dollars)
  • 6-quart capacity
  • Lid-mounted locking system


  • Limited warranty





 3. Proctor-Silex 33043


The one that comes next here is the kind that really focuses on the appliance’s reliability besides focusing on its durability and affordability. As one of the best slow cookers we recommend here, this one comes to offer you up to 4 quarts of cooking capacity in it.

This should be more than enough size to cook for one family. Also, there is “keep warm” setting in this cooker. So, you can always get warm foods ready for your family when the meal time comes.


  • Easy to clean with removable stoneware
  • Cheap price (no more than $50)
  • 4-quart capacity
  • Keep warm setting
  • Stoneware material with high endurance 


  • The temperature setting is not exactly right





 4. Hamilton Beach Set n Forget 33969A

latest best slow cookers

This time, we have other best choice of slow cooker with 3 options of easy and automatic cooking. The three options offered are the probe, program, and manual. Speaking about its capacity, you can cook up to 6 lb chicken or 4 lb roast with it.

This cooker also features clip-tight gasket lid for mess free, LCD display of thermometer probe, and full-grip handles for portability. This one will be the best cooker you can happily work with, in your kitchen.


  • Receive high rating and good review
  • Can reduce messy spills with clip-tight gasket lid
  • Full-grip handles
  • Digital LCD display with automatic menu


  • Limited warranty





 5. Hamilton Beach 33473

The last best slow cooker option you have here is one with the size of 7 quarts. It is one easy cooker to work with. It is because, with programmable meals, there will be no need of watching and stirring. The temperature setting offered consists of warm, low, and high.

Meanwhile, the time can be set for 2, 4, 6, 8, to 10 hours of cooking time. Not to mention, the stoneware and lid of this cooker is removable, making things easy for us to do the clean up.


  • Easy to clean-up
  • high durability
  • simpel and easy to use


  • It has a large size but a bit small in cooking space





So, that’s our top 5 list. What do you think about each of those choices above? They are all the best slow cookers to consider, right? Although they do come with different features, they do a great job in cooking your food slowly.

They even offer some options of settings to choose on our own too. With this much of the deal offered by each of those cookers, your cooking time would be easier and faster. You won’t regret choosing one of them. See other interesting articles about oven and bacon recipe here.

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How to Choose the Best Slow Cookers for Family

A perfectly chosen slow cooker will serve as your secret utensil in making home-cooked foods for our family. In this opportunity, you will know how to choose the best slow cookers through some considerations. A slow cooker is designed specifically to simmer your food finely.

  1. Choose the types

First of all, you need to choose the types of slow cookers before buying it. This is important to determine the cooking time as well as the cooking convenience.

The basic model of slow cookers have not many buttons beside the on and off button. However, if you would like to spend more, you will be able to get slow cooker in more convenience types. The first type is programmable equipped with digital timer and electronic control. This cooker allows you to set the program, while its digital display will show the cooking time that remains.

Secondly, you can also choose the mechanical one which allows you to control it into desired setting of high, medium, or low. However, this type requires you to monitor your cooking since it does not have a timer.

  1. Consider the size

Second step of how to choose the best slow cookers is by considering the size. In order to get the best cooking result using this utensil, at least the slow cooker’s crock should be half full, not over 3/4 full. If you buy slow cooker for yourself or two person usage, 2-quart or 3-quart will do the job.

If your family has three or four people you probably can use 4-quart size, while 6-quart size can be used for family with six members. Small slow cooker ranging from 1- up to 3-quart is good for baking cakes, appetizer, and hot drinks. Meanwhile, large slow cooker ranging from 6- to 7-quart can accommodate whole chicken.

  1. Select the shape

Another consideration of how to choose the best slow cookers is by selecting the shape. There are two basic shapes of this cooker, they are oval and round shape. Oval slow cooker has more surfaces that gives more room for foods like lamb chop and also stuffed peppers.

This shape can cook your food a bit faster than the round one. Meanwhile, the round shape will be perfect to cook stews, soups, and chili.

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