Top 7 Best Bacon Recipe Books 2024

For meat lovers, life is not complete without bacon. It is not too much to say that bacon is irresistible, for its sweet taste yet salty, smoky but crispy. That is also part of the story of bacon versatility, another well-known aspect from the delicious meat.

The released of bacon cookbook is perhaps not as many comparing to the universal recipe book, but still, no publishing season is complete without bacon cookbooks.

Below is the top 7 best bacon recipe book in 2024, some of it are the fresh released bacon cookbooks while some others are published years ago but still comprehensible.

Top 7 Bacon Recipe Books in 2024

1. Pure Pork Awesomeness from Around the World by Kevin Gillespie

Pure Pork Awesomeness -best bacon recipe book
Pure Pork Awesomeness

Pork is the meat that you can almost do any kind of cookery with. Every part of the meat can craft different palate taste – the savor that hardly found in chicken for example and other meat in general.

Those are precisely what the famous Atlanta chef and Top Chef Alumni Kevin Gillespie definitely try to prove in his second cookbook that demonstrates his eternal love to bacon entitled Pure Pork Awesomeness: Released for March 2014, this cookbook contains more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, complemented with all around about bacon dishes.

Working together with the respectable cookbook writer David Joachim to publish one of the best bacon recipe books, the recipes are ranging from Bacon Popcorn to Vietnamese Spareribs with Chile and Lemongrass and more.

2. The Big Book of Bacon

The Big Book of Bacon

The Big Book of Bacon from Jennifer LS Pearsall is another best bacon recipe book. The history of when and where the recipes were first originated is another flirty point of this book released at the end of 2014.

3. 101 Things to Do with Bacon from Eliza Cross (2011)

101 Things to Do with Bacon

To get the new twist on old favorite and the inventive new recipes, one must look for ‘101 Things to Do with Bacon from Eliza Cross (2011)’, a useful and practical compilation in one of the very best best bacon recipe book.

4. Seduced by Bacon from Joanna Pruess

Seduced by Bacon from Joanna Pruess

Various new recipes from savory to sweet and any seductive cravings, accompanied with stunning photographs are the main seductive menu from Seduced by Bacon from Joanna Pruess (2010), a book you cannot ignore to celebrate the awesomeness of bacon.

5. Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

A controversial yet true that frequently quoted on bacon is that Everything Tastes Better with Bacon, and this is precisely the title of the cookbook from Sara Perry.

This book has high impact on cookbook genre and noted as responsible for the increasing demand for bacon years after it was published in 2002, while also the first book that display clearly the adaptability of bacon in recipes.

6. Bacon Cookbook by James Villas

Another best bacon recipe book for your collection is Bacon Cookbook from the prominent food writer James Villas. Published in 2007 and cherished ever since, the book offers 168 fascinating ways to enjoy pork.

Those confirmed appetizing recipes from all across America and around the globe, along with explicit and rich of information and tradition on bacon.

7. Bacon Nation from Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama

Bacon Nation

A book that full of great recipes that show high respect for bacon is Bacon Nation from Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama.

Published in 2013, the book also provides deep knowledge on bacon rich flavor and texture that can prove you how bacon indeed has the power to elevate the taste of any dish.

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