10 Best Chef Knives for Beginners and Pros in 2020

A professional chef requires the best chef knives to help them cook. That being said, the list of knives bellow is not only for professional but also for the beginner as well. 

For cooking purposes, the length of kitchen knife is ranging between 5 up to 12 inches. However, you will find that knife at 8 inch is the most common and usually used by the chefs. The standard 8 inch of knife allows professional and beginner to cut through any cooking ingredients without any problem. Some types of knife are used for specific purposes such as filleting knife or vegetable knife to cut the specific ingredient.



List of the Best Chef Knives 2020

 1. Henckels Professional S 8-Inch Chef Knife [BEST KITCHEN KNIFE]

The first product on the list of the best chef knives is none other than Henckels Professional S 8-inch chef knife. As the name suggests, the length of this knife is 8-inch. The manufacturer of this cooking knife designs it for professional use. That being said, it is also recommended for beginner as well.

The blade ensures precise cutting. This product is advisable to be used on cutting vegetables. The blade itself is coated with protective layer. This layer is protecting the blade so that it can be used to chop and mince vegetables easily.




 2. Messermeister Meridian Elite 9-Inch Chef Knife [BEST FOR AMATEUR]

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The length of Messermister Meridian Elite 9-Inch knife is slightly longer than previous model. As one of the best kitchen knives, it is famous due to its balance. The handle is reinforced with triple rivet. The exposed handle allows you to grab it easily without during the cooking process.

You cannot deny that the ergonomic handle design makes you feel comfortable when being used. As for the blade, it is forged from German stainless steel alloy. This metal material is well known for its durability. When being used as material for cooking knife, it will have incredible sharpness.




 3. Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku

Compared to other products in the list of the best chef knives, Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-inch Santoku has slightly different design. Despite being shorter, the blade is thicker. The blade is smartly designed so that it is able to release the cooking ingredients right after it is cut.

The superior part about this knife can be found on the handle. The handle follows the contour of grabbing hand. Therefore, you can grab the knife safely and conveniently even though you use it to cut plenty of vegetables. Rear bolster on the end of its handle ensures that the knife is balanced.




 4. Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife [BEST SELLER on AMAZON]

As the bestseller product, Vixtorinox 8 inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s knife is designed to be the best chef knives. The knife itself is not only good when being used to cut vegetables, but also meats as well.

With its two decades of reputation, you cannot deny that knife made by Victorinox have great quality. It can complete any cooking tasks without spending a lot of your effort.

This benefit can be achieved due to the lightweight feature it has. The lightweight feature of this knife will be able to reduce your fatigues. It’s the cheapest among the top 4 of the list.



 5. Kuma Chef Knife 8 Inch

From the outside, you cannot deny that Kuma Chef Knife 8 inch comes in conventional design. That being said, the quality of this product is undeniable. You will be able to cut through all cooking ingredients without any problem.

The ergonomic handle makes sure that you can use it as easy as any other products of the best chef knives. Other than its ergonomic handle, the blade is also razor sharp.

The material used ensures that it is able to maintain its sharpness for long time. Both blade and handle of the knife is inspired by Japanese knife profile. If you want a cheap kitchen knife with excellent quality, this one is for you.




 6. Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

When you are looking for the best chef knives, it is recommended to select one with lightweight feature. Such knife specification will not give your fatigue. The Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is a product worth considering.

As the name suggest, the blade has hollow feature. This hollow feature is not only reducing the blade weight significantly, but also makes cutting easily. The blade comes at standard 8 inch with rivet feature on the handle.

Pointy blade design allows you to separate the meat from the bone effortlessly.



 7. Global 7-Inch Santoku (G-48)

As the best chef knive, Global 7-inch Santoku (G-48) has unique design. The entire body of this knife is made out of completely metal. You might think that the metal handle of the knife makes it heavier.

However, the manufacturer is clever enough to put multiple holes in it. The holes are arranged in systematic pattern. Most importantly, it reduces the weight of the handle. As it goes with the handle, hollow blades ensure that the weight can be reduced significantly. 

It gives reliable performance when being used to cut any cooking ingredients.




 8. Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife (DM0706)

List of the best chef knives continues with Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife (DM0706). This particular chef knife is able to do any cutting method such as dicing, slicing, chopping, and many more. The unique pattern on its blade is inspires by Japanese katana. Manufactured to cut in great precision, it is able to cut perfectly. The metal used for the blade itself is made out of Damascus steel.

This rare option for chef knife material allows it to last longer than any blades in the market. Carbon steel material is also used to reinforce the blade. The blade is not only durable, but also able to maintain its sharpness.



 9. A. Henckels International Classic 8” Chef’s Knife

J.A. Henckles International Classic 8’s Chef’s Knife is manufactured in Spain. That being said, the blade is fabricated from German stainless steel. The metal is forged in specific method to improve its durability. It should not be surprising that people often called this product as the best chef knives.

Many chefs around the world are already taking advantage of its sharpness to create different cuisine. Seamless transition on the blades improves its beautiful appearance.

Even though many professionals are already using this knife, beginner can also use it without any problem.



 10. Soufull Chef Knife 8 Inches

The last product of the best chef knives in our list is Soufull Chef Knife 8 Inches. The most notable design of this knife can be found on the handle. The forging process reveals unique pattern on the blade. The handle is made out of wood material. This material also shows the grainy texture of the wood.

The beautiful product design is not only the main selling point of this product. It also has great performance as well.

The reliable performance of this knife makes it suitable for both professional and amateur use.




Kitchen Knife’s Tips

When buying the best kitchen knife, you will come across plenty types of knife dedicated for cooking purposes. Cooking knives in culinary world is manufactured by countless brands. The model of cooking knife is also different as well. During the selection process, it is advisable to look at the design of cooking knife beforehand. Make sure that the knife used is balanced between the blade and the handle. Balanced knife ensures that the knife will have reliable use. Most importantly, it will not dry out the user energy when being used in repetitive movement. Selecting the knife design is the only halfway of getting the best kitchen knives. 

Sharpening process is required to maintain the knife at its prime condition at all time. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to do it correctly. Before sharpening the knife, it is recommended to use temperate or cold water. Hot or warm water will potentially damage the knife and reduces its sharpness dramatically. Wash the knife thoroughly before sharpening. Make sure that there is not cooking ingredient residue on the blade when sharpening the knife. Do not use detergent or wash the knife in dishwasher. Oil and other types of pollutant will contaminate the blade as you are sharpening it.

In order to make sure that the cooking knife is sharp all the time, you need to use sharpening stone. Manual sharpening is highly advisable than using electric grinding. Electric grinding is able to sharp the knife faster. Unfortunately, it also damages your knife permanently. The grinder will consume the steel blade faster. In other hand, manual sharpening process allows you to adjust the sharpness easily. Soak the blade and the sharpening stone before it begins. This will reduce the heat caused by friction between the stone and the blade. Heat caused by this friction will make the blade dull faster.

Sharpening the best chef knives is the most important part of maintaining the sharpness of the blade. Even though several knives are able to maintain its sharpness, sharping process is still required. This particular process involves repetitive movement. Keep in mind to use constant speed of stroke. The sharpening angle should be the same as well.

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